Monday, January 13, 2020

To those of you who care and even those who don't, I don't need to get laid, but you can fill my cash stash, thank you.

Every morning when I engage my computer and look over my inbox, even the junk box, as you never know what's in there that is marked Junk, that ain't Junk, I see a half a dozen things in there wanting me to take something or subscribe to something to make me bigger, stiffer etc. Or just some swindler masking as a female, to seperate me from me and my wallet, that I want to just barf. Want to get men to have more vigor in the bedroom? Lighten his weight, a bit by filling up his cash stash. Traditionally, its man go slay dinasour, and woman cook it. Same thing for online social services and sites. Oh sure I get lots of like's and such, but I have yet to see even one penny, come from anyone of those likes. I ran a test not too long ago, for a charity. FB set it up. Yet, even though I got many thumbs up, nothing went into the contribution kitty. No to get real money being generated on FB, there are various criteria that one has to meet. First be a woman or at least female. Many more contributors will gravitate to your cause. To increase the odds, be a minority, don't care which, just a minority , next have at least 3.5 kids, in diapers, or at least at risk children. Now if you meet these criteria, you will make a few, but not many dollars on ANY social media site. The upcoming policing of both Google, and Facebook, as well as some Twitter, pieces is making them nervous. The EU did this last year, and our new this year legislative leaders are watching this very carefully. The amount of information at least two of these on each one of us is astounding. Who needs the FBI, or CIA? Just ping Google or FB, they will know. Its not good for two tech giants to have that much information on you or me, that pop up suggestions on where to buy even your toilet paper or for that matter your feminine hygene products. I'm still waiting up on several packages from various vendors, that I ordered a week and a half ago. But hey those Tech giants including Amazon, said I could trust them, one screened me out because I could not get to the bank, through hip high snow, to deposit money into my account so they could have a mere $20.00 . But hey I can trust Google, right? Just like the frog trusted the sqorpion, not to sting him after they crossed the lake. 
So hey, instead of suggesting ways for me to get laid, or invitations for that, here's an idea, truly fill my cash stash. 

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