Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Not all ad testimonials are done by real people.

Good BikeCyde Morning to ya'll from us at KnyteWolfe Toewing and Hazzard County Choppers. Got a hold your britches notice from Amazon, apparently UPS can't find my address, yet the local Post Office can. Guess it depends on if its the same feller(or lady) delivering to you everyday or just another route driver in the case of both UPS and Fedex. So then trying to keep both the shop up and operational, but PoohBear's money never made it, so the money to pay that and my SparkLight account current is about to expire. Been begging for an extension, since I had one of those identity theft things happen, which came out of Washington DC, so my account is on freeze frame status until we can get that fixed. Even if you do have something like LifeLock, or such, your only protected to a million bucks. The theft of mine reaches into the several million stratosphere so its now an FBI thing rather than the usual minor theft. And yes part of that theft had to do with the WolfPack's funds. But we're still operational, just running a bit lean. 
So watching cable as usual, and saw a couple of ads that had testimonials on it. One of which had a lady on it from a Nugenix ad. Some of you who are not in or around the media business might just brush this off, those of in the bizz might wonder why her again? Simple the pool of talent for any advertising TV or print, is very shallow. And I mean very shallow. TV shows like DateLine, and even fictional shows like Law & Order SVU scare more women out of the business every time one airs. Used to be a MC like ours could post an ad at the local fast food place, on a bullitin board, and we'd get at minimum of 30 ladies of all ages signing up. But the Ted Bundy's of the nation, means getting ANY body to sign up is a situation of a ant pushing a 20 pound rock up a 90 degree hill. So your subject to getting into an agency. In basic rural Idaho, that's more of a hit and miss. In Metro-Utah, you have a bunch of agencies to work with and nobody charging $15,k for a casting session. Which is why you see more in that kind of thing being done in Utah, than Idaho, or even Wyoming. But it doesn't stop there. Even Posting an opening on say Model Mayhem, is a shot in the dark. Although paying them $200.00 for 30 days, is required there. The final score Idaho zero, Utah 20. But this is why most TV ad's even those with testimonials are being with talent that all to often is being done with talen on a repeat basis. 
As I close, if you see me here in the morning I skipped another day and things got bypassed again with SparkLight, if not you'll know that the jig was up. But I should be back on shortly after the 1st.

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