Friday, January 3, 2020

Is there a reason, that outfits like WordPress or Facebook hide in the shadows?

Have you ever wondered why companies like WordPress, and the like always seems to be hidden in the shadows? Example if there a problem with a WordPress, and or say a Facebook account of yours, your subject to having to wade through a mountain of manure just to get to text or email a human to get the problem rectified. Now say your teasing about putting a bat upside some college is not going to get you a job or do you any good, guru at either of these firms , your subject to their whims. WordPress says, since its your paid site, or in our case 4 sites, nobody can shut your page and or site down. That's WordPress's claim. Its only a claim. As although a 4 of our sites were more than paid for and generating some traffic to the radio stream, and such. Because I suggested that both FB and WP, needed an attitude adjustment. Monday morning, guess what? Yep all 4 of our sites were off, no refund, and no real one on one reason, reason except I violated their TOS's. Really, tell me which one. And on all 4? So been busting hump, with GoDaddy, to build a real site not just some dingleberry play toy. 

Now then PoohBear. 
Once again, has to screw the pooch on her dues. Said she'd never do that again but here it is 5 times since May. Her goofing around has now cost me Wendell, Jerome, Burley and is on the brink of messing with Twin Falls here. There has to be a either do this the way you did when we met, or forget it. Like Yoda said, Do , or Don't, no try. She may be 46 years old, but PoohBear has the mental capacity of a 12 year old and the maturity of a 20 year old. While I ain't broke up with her(yet), I can't lie and need to be honest, if someone with financial and maturity qualities, with just a bit of Eye Candy were to pop in, that I wouldn't say, honey, move on in. And yes that's one of many reasons but the top reason why I didn't and wont move to Sunny Florida, and I suppose that's her fear coming back out here. That all said these episodes of hiding (if she really does at all) in hospitals when she gets stressed. I'd hit the Bishop up again cept my Bishop here of the Canyon View Ward and I had words, Sunday that tweren't too purtty. I'll get into that in another Post. 
So my want to know why WordPress and Facebook, guru's need to hide in the dark like cockroatches when the light of a question comes up? Why can't all of my life be like when I call GoDaddy? Like this evening talked with a sweet honey named Pam, who took me from kicking someone's butt, to hey honey when can I move in with you, hey I could live, very well in warm and sunny Arizona. At least if I lived near GoDaddy's HQ wouldn't be too far from Yuma, and MCAS. 

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