Sunday, January 5, 2020

And here I thought today was already Monday, Now I know I need a Vackay

Here I thought it was Monday already. Did I flat sleep a full two days? Must have so I woke up, and wondered why there was Football on, in the afternoon on TV , on a Monday. I started thinking did someone slip in a Federal Holiday , I wasn't aware of? What really started messing me up, was seeing a TV newscast slip in on at 21:30 hours. I thought , Say what? It's days like there are many days and symptoms that are saying to save my mental health, is to push away from all these duty bound tables, and go lose myself somewhere. Just go hybernate. Only taking a phone, but one without the Club/Company phone number. No Facebook, no nothing, just a good TV , and a laptop to just write my thoughts, which is 80% of what I do. But forget abount the hurt, of PoohBear, and mend from this big mistake of Twin Falls area of Idaho. Something that way too many told me not to do. But since PoohBear, couldn't get along with Evanston, the need to relocate. That need was stupid. What I lost was price controlled rent on an apartment that was while not really luxury was better than most. The list goes on, but its like when Mom and Dad forst moved up here in 1972. I myself wanted me to stay and graduate at Layton High School, Layton Utah. A slight under handed agreement with Big John's parents, I stayed in Layton until 1976. Had enough credits to graduate from Layton High School, in 1976. Shortly after, spent a half year at Wendell High School, just because and graduated again from Hazzard High School in Hazzard Idaho im 1977. Yes I just might be one of a very few that has graduated twice from two different schools, in two different states. I tried Idaho schools during 8th grade to 9th grade, but because of a slightly quickly more educated abilities, it was determined that I was to go to Lewiston High and remain there for two years. My cousin Janeen lived there, so I was to stay with her. The thing was I was much more advance intelligence wise, that normal area schools were boring. They were teaching things, I already knew. I went to more schools that a herd of fish. I mean Idaho then as it is now was far behind any of the states around it. At the time, Layton High School in Layton Utah with programs such as an aviation 
 club. How many Idaho schools have one of those? Might be where I caught the bug. Any mile, fact is Idaho bored me. Idaho and even the Twin Falls area does advance, but it does so at a snails pace. Me I was ahead of the curve at age 6. Might have been the pre-schooling and all my Mom who was very much pro education. She used to tell me, that my body one day might give out, but my brain as long as I kept it active wouldn't expire. Which is why I get so pee-owed at myself when forget days of the week. Or go to the store and forget why I went there. The basis for that is stress, brought on by someone that I only keep close, because she owes the Club, some very big dollars. Very busy day Monday, so I'm in bed. TTYLY 

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