Wednesday, January 15, 2020

For Us Flying is not an option, its a must.

AyreWolf Aviation is and will continue to be the main and parent company for all our units. AyreWolf Aviation started in 2003, shortly before the financial funds flow freeze, in 2004. The last $400,000.00 of what was in the bank, at the time that was liquid funds, was all used in the formation of AyreWolf Aviation. We started with three Bell 47's, dusting farm land and doing spraying infested areas with insects. In 2005 we through a grant from the Utah Department of Commerce, a near new Bell 222A was purchased. Through lots of work we rebuilt a replica of our aircraft of our name sake Airwolf. Currently stored in North Alaska. 60% of the air fleet resides also in Alaska, with 40 % in the lower 48. Spread out over 6 Mountain Western States. We added for hire Medical Transport and Search And Rescue to our abilities. When we are not going towing in the winter when its snowing our crew is in the air flying. This is AyreWolf Aviation.
L8R Ya'll

Monday, January 13, 2020

Hazzard Knytes: I want to be one of those people who interviews th...

Hazzard Knytes: I want to be one of those people who interviews th...: I want to be the guy at FNC, who interviews the anchor women and even reporters that are on airs. Seems as though there are 3 criteria&#...

To those of you who care and even those who don't, I don't need to get laid, but you can fill my cash stash, thank you.

Every morning when I engage my computer and look over my inbox, even the junk box, as you never know what's in there that is marked Junk, that ain't Junk, I see a half a dozen things in there wanting me to take something or subscribe to something to make me bigger, stiffer etc. Or just some swindler masking as a female, to seperate me from me and my wallet, that I want to just barf. Want to get men to have more vigor in the bedroom? Lighten his weight, a bit by filling up his cash stash. Traditionally, its man go slay dinasour, and woman cook it. Same thing for online social services and sites. Oh sure I get lots of like's and such, but I have yet to see even one penny, come from anyone of those likes. I ran a test not too long ago, for a charity. FB set it up. Yet, even though I got many thumbs up, nothing went into the contribution kitty. No to get real money being generated on FB, there are various criteria that one has to meet. First be a woman or at least female. Many more contributors will gravitate to your cause. To increase the odds, be a minority, don't care which, just a minority , next have at least 3.5 kids, in diapers, or at least at risk children. Now if you meet these criteria, you will make a few, but not many dollars on ANY social media site. The upcoming policing of both Google, and Facebook, as well as some Twitter, pieces is making them nervous. The EU did this last year, and our new this year legislative leaders are watching this very carefully. The amount of information at least two of these on each one of us is astounding. Who needs the FBI, or CIA? Just ping Google or FB, they will know. Its not good for two tech giants to have that much information on you or me, that pop up suggestions on where to buy even your toilet paper or for that matter your feminine hygene products. I'm still waiting up on several packages from various vendors, that I ordered a week and a half ago. But hey those Tech giants including Amazon, said I could trust them, one screened me out because I could not get to the bank, through hip high snow, to deposit money into my account so they could have a mere $20.00 . But hey I can trust Google, right? Just like the frog trusted the sqorpion, not to sting him after they crossed the lake. 
So hey, instead of suggesting ways for me to get laid, or invitations for that, here's an idea, truly fill my cash stash. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Not all ad testimonials are done by real people.

Good BikeCyde Morning to ya'll from us at KnyteWolfe Toewing and Hazzard County Choppers. Got a hold your britches notice from Amazon, apparently UPS can't find my address, yet the local Post Office can. Guess it depends on if its the same feller(or lady) delivering to you everyday or just another route driver in the case of both UPS and Fedex. So then trying to keep both the shop up and operational, but PoohBear's money never made it, so the money to pay that and my SparkLight account current is about to expire. Been begging for an extension, since I had one of those identity theft things happen, which came out of Washington DC, so my account is on freeze frame status until we can get that fixed. Even if you do have something like LifeLock, or such, your only protected to a million bucks. The theft of mine reaches into the several million stratosphere so its now an FBI thing rather than the usual minor theft. And yes part of that theft had to do with the WolfPack's funds. But we're still operational, just running a bit lean. 
So watching cable as usual, and saw a couple of ads that had testimonials on it. One of which had a lady on it from a Nugenix ad. Some of you who are not in or around the media business might just brush this off, those of in the bizz might wonder why her again? Simple the pool of talent for any advertising TV or print, is very shallow. And I mean very shallow. TV shows like DateLine, and even fictional shows like Law & Order SVU scare more women out of the business every time one airs. Used to be a MC like ours could post an ad at the local fast food place, on a bullitin board, and we'd get at minimum of 30 ladies of all ages signing up. But the Ted Bundy's of the nation, means getting ANY body to sign up is a situation of a ant pushing a 20 pound rock up a 90 degree hill. So your subject to getting into an agency. In basic rural Idaho, that's more of a hit and miss. In Metro-Utah, you have a bunch of agencies to work with and nobody charging $15,k for a casting session. Which is why you see more in that kind of thing being done in Utah, than Idaho, or even Wyoming. But it doesn't stop there. Even Posting an opening on say Model Mayhem, is a shot in the dark. Although paying them $200.00 for 30 days, is required there. The final score Idaho zero, Utah 20. But this is why most TV ad's even those with testimonials are being with talent that all to often is being done with talen on a repeat basis. 
As I close, if you see me here in the morning I skipped another day and things got bypassed again with SparkLight, if not you'll know that the jig was up. But I should be back on shortly after the 1st.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

And here I thought today was already Monday, Now I know I need a Vackay

Here I thought it was Monday already. Did I flat sleep a full two days? Must have so I woke up, and wondered why there was Football on, in the afternoon on TV , on a Monday. I started thinking did someone slip in a Federal Holiday , I wasn't aware of? What really started messing me up, was seeing a TV newscast slip in on at 21:30 hours. I thought , Say what? It's days like there are many days and symptoms that are saying to save my mental health, is to push away from all these duty bound tables, and go lose myself somewhere. Just go hybernate. Only taking a phone, but one without the Club/Company phone number. No Facebook, no nothing, just a good TV , and a laptop to just write my thoughts, which is 80% of what I do. But forget abount the hurt, of PoohBear, and mend from this big mistake of Twin Falls area of Idaho. Something that way too many told me not to do. But since PoohBear, couldn't get along with Evanston, the need to relocate. That need was stupid. What I lost was price controlled rent on an apartment that was while not really luxury was better than most. The list goes on, but its like when Mom and Dad forst moved up here in 1972. I myself wanted me to stay and graduate at Layton High School, Layton Utah. A slight under handed agreement with Big John's parents, I stayed in Layton until 1976. Had enough credits to graduate from Layton High School, in 1976. Shortly after, spent a half year at Wendell High School, just because and graduated again from Hazzard High School in Hazzard Idaho im 1977. Yes I just might be one of a very few that has graduated twice from two different schools, in two different states. I tried Idaho schools during 8th grade to 9th grade, but because of a slightly quickly more educated abilities, it was determined that I was to go to Lewiston High and remain there for two years. My cousin Janeen lived there, so I was to stay with her. The thing was I was much more advance intelligence wise, that normal area schools were boring. They were teaching things, I already knew. I went to more schools that a herd of fish. I mean Idaho then as it is now was far behind any of the states around it. At the time, Layton High School in Layton Utah with programs such as an aviation 
 club. How many Idaho schools have one of those? Might be where I caught the bug. Any mile, fact is Idaho bored me. Idaho and even the Twin Falls area does advance, but it does so at a snails pace. Me I was ahead of the curve at age 6. Might have been the pre-schooling and all my Mom who was very much pro education. She used to tell me, that my body one day might give out, but my brain as long as I kept it active wouldn't expire. Which is why I get so pee-owed at myself when forget days of the week. Or go to the store and forget why I went there. The basis for that is stress, brought on by someone that I only keep close, because she owes the Club, some very big dollars. Very busy day Monday, so I'm in bed. TTYLY 

Teat was the nyte before the rukus and the parade of pills.

Teat was the nyte before all the rukus here at the Knyte-House. Because of once again, not paying her dues, and then lying about it, means by WolfPack mandate I need to bid her good-bye. Just can't do that no more. Sure its going to hit the WolfPack square in the jaw, money wise, but heck for now 6 months its been every other month Shelly has failed to deliver. I can deal with a lot of stuff, but dishonesty ain't one of them. If she wanted to start paying less, or something like that, she should have called, I could have redirected my own resources and not be facing the need to go bleed a few others to keep a roof over my covers. 
I think she does this , just to see what I'll do, and to keep me as poor as she is. Now to be fair here, competing with a memory, is very difficult. And her knowing that if the memory were to all of a sudden show up somewhere, somehow, that I'd pour over that memory like warm syrup over hot cakes. Of course that memory is, my 2nd grade to early High School sweetheart Peggy Follett. 
 of course any woman competing with Peggy would be very difficult, more over competing with Peggy for my heart would be even harder. There are only 3 things that rank on my list of priorities. Peggy, LexiBelle, The 214/USMC, and the WolfPack(Knytes). everything else needs to take a number and make a reservation for my time and heart. That includes Shelly. Granted, Shelly has to contribute dues money, as all women who become involved in a personal nature with a Knyte or one of the WolfPack. The reason, Peggy doesn't need to do that is simple, she was there at the start of the Club, in 1967, and has been involved ever since, until she went to Snow College in Eastern Utah, and we all lost track of her. Findng someone to portray Peggy in the movie of the Club, is going to be very difficult if at all, simply because and it might be why her and I jelled so good together, was we were both one of a kind, nobody else like us. 
Okay then, there each night around 02:30 hours, I need to awaken from a sleep, to take my meds. Kassie calls it the parade of pills. I have to take 9 bottles each of differnt meds for my diabetes, ny stomach , my Thyroid, amongst others. But because of Shelly's mess up I need to go over to SCCA today to get help with the rent my Bishop hasn't returned a text or phone call, Guess twice is enough, but that's not it. Seems as if I violated some measure of protocol, at Church, he chewed me out, and as such I'm not in a big hurry to go back. More L8R, 

Friday, January 3, 2020

This is why you can't depend on Linear thinking by technology.

Computer IT Technology is not absolute fool proof. The things make countless errors, and there is no reasoning capabilty to Computers. The only solution for most of those tin cans is a big hammer. Now that said, had our Google account comprimized over the day. Something about Billing. Hell I'm not supposed to be billed until May, yet their squeeling now? Really? Seems as all the services we have teamed and partnered up with, WP, Google and FB all were a bit put off, by the concept of us fling in with the Lady and doing some physical attitude adjustments on some College-ain't-going to get-you-a-good job, problem solving gurus. Thing is if they'd just leave stuff alone, understand there's a time frame that involves two American everything closed holidays, that delays financial transfers etc. Funny, everyone else got paid, I got a invoice from Google, saying our GSuite was paid for, what are they billing twice? Again the computer goofs, but we as an organization have to suffer. Which makes me feel even stronger to taking a small trip to the bay area of California, and hitting every dang outfit from Google to WordPress up the head , not really hit, but visit each one and saying this is us, been with you a very long time, heck with Google, I hold the record for the most individual Blogger accounts. And yet we're suspended? WordPress, pulled our plugs a week ago now. How do you communicate with them, when there is no phone number? At least Two now have call in Help Desks. Our beloved GoDaddy, and Google. How about the rest doing that. Don't just pull our plug without at least giving us a phone call or a heads up? Oh if only the entire business community dedicated themselves to task like us in towing. There is no days off, on call 24/7/365, always ready and able. And never backing down from a Challenge. Can you say America on the Mend and once again Productive? Had a bunch barking on the immigration thing this morning on the show. Here's an idea, lets get our population, out from behind a computer keyboard and screen, into work clothes and working at some sweat and labor jobs. Work for the same wages as those jumping over the fence, willing to live in homes that our those Jumping beans will live in, then bark about immigration. When Kids will work in dairies milking and feeding cows, moving sprinkler pipe, hand lines, and picking rock out of a field in the hot sun of spring. Then say no immigrants. Until then just shut the heck up. The Charter President Videl, in Blackfoot Idaho, few years ago, back in 1988/89, when I first met him, invited me over for both Thanksgiving and Christmas that year, even gave me a small gift. I was treated like a king, and with respect. Far more so than any white person. Some ask that even with the WolfPack being what it is, the affection of my road brethren of the Knytes is one that can't be described easily. I will say, no matter the Club, no matter the venue, no matter anything. I get treated better by my biker brothers and sisters than anyone else, including at times, my towing brethren. That's the things, no Computer even Data from Star Trek TNG can provide. It can shut something off, because its data says you hadn't yet paid, it can't figure out that there was two holidays, wher money flow was slow. Give it a break, Google and the rest, it'll get there.Maybe someday, they'll be a path to where satellites and all can find Orcharala Drive In Twin Falls Idaho. 

Is there a reason, that outfits like WordPress or Facebook hide in the shadows?

Have you ever wondered why companies like WordPress, and the like always seems to be hidden in the shadows? Example if there a problem with a WordPress, and or say a Facebook account of yours, your subject to having to wade through a mountain of manure just to get to text or email a human to get the problem rectified. Now say your teasing about putting a bat upside some college is not going to get you a job or do you any good, guru at either of these firms , your subject to their whims. WordPress says, since its your paid site, or in our case 4 sites, nobody can shut your page and or site down. That's WordPress's claim. Its only a claim. As although a 4 of our sites were more than paid for and generating some traffic to the radio stream, and such. Because I suggested that both FB and WP, needed an attitude adjustment. Monday morning, guess what? Yep all 4 of our sites were off, no refund, and no real one on one reason, reason except I violated their TOS's. Really, tell me which one. And on all 4? So been busting hump, with GoDaddy, to build a real site not just some dingleberry play toy. 

Now then PoohBear. 
Once again, has to screw the pooch on her dues. Said she'd never do that again but here it is 5 times since May. Her goofing around has now cost me Wendell, Jerome, Burley and is on the brink of messing with Twin Falls here. There has to be a either do this the way you did when we met, or forget it. Like Yoda said, Do , or Don't, no try. She may be 46 years old, but PoohBear has the mental capacity of a 12 year old and the maturity of a 20 year old. While I ain't broke up with her(yet), I can't lie and need to be honest, if someone with financial and maturity qualities, with just a bit of Eye Candy were to pop in, that I wouldn't say, honey, move on in. And yes that's one of many reasons but the top reason why I didn't and wont move to Sunny Florida, and I suppose that's her fear coming back out here. That all said these episodes of hiding (if she really does at all) in hospitals when she gets stressed. I'd hit the Bishop up again cept my Bishop here of the Canyon View Ward and I had words, Sunday that tweren't too purtty. I'll get into that in another Post. 
So my want to know why WordPress and Facebook, guru's need to hide in the dark like cockroatches when the light of a question comes up? Why can't all of my life be like when I call GoDaddy? Like this evening talked with a sweet honey named Pam, who took me from kicking someone's butt, to hey honey when can I move in with you, hey I could live, very well in warm and sunny Arizona. At least if I lived near GoDaddy's HQ wouldn't be too far from Yuma, and MCAS. 

Sadie Stanley - Call Me, Beep Me! (From "Kim Possible")

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

The movie and TV stars that never admit to their first films

Have you ever asked yourselves, why some of these A-list TV and movie stars never admit or give reference to their early films. Just saw an interview of AFRTS, with Clint Eastwood, On a military base and the dainty youg Corps-person, asked had he ever been on a military base like this one? He nevere even gave a slight howl, or wimper to Kelly's Hereos.
 which is no big surprise, since even part of our namesake's stars, from Robert Wuhl, aka Newbomb Turk nor Michelle Pfiffer as the hottie car hop, on the movie Hollywood Knights, nor even Tony Danza, 
Nope you'll never see that, nor fewer remember that yellow 57 Chevy on there as Project X of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine 
Nope you wont see that. Of course there's those that in their final career for fame remember the tv shows they were in, but fail to mention, legal problems and narcotics arrests. Debby Ryan of Jessie Disney fame, turned into Radio Rebel, 
was recently popped by CHP for DUI, or that our Luke Duke was popped by Narc police for trafficing and using Cocaine. Hey everybody makes mistakes. But to ignore the door that was a stepping stone for a few decades of fame and fortune, I think is deadly wrong. Oh and see these boots?
 nearly impossible to find these exact styles now days.  Hold it together see you on the KnyteProwl.