Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bottom line, these pricks really don't care

Face it, Website hosting companies, like WordPress and such are just like prostitutes. They only care about you, as long as your coughing up money. Minute you say its me or no money, they are saying adios. They flat don't give a diddly. Now that said, I saw a this thing on FB, from our Empowerista queen Alex, who said, " If something is not working for you, and working well, get rid of it. Be that, a website host, a Church Ward, or , preytel a bank. If your just constantly running into a brick wall, dump it, find something that functions well, then invest , but not until. But hey think on this. WordPress, does have balls. Surly their accounting guru's knows that your sites are off line, surly they know that you've been pinging them since 17:00 Hours, but hey again they don't care. All they are interested in , is having their garter stuffed with cash, for their stash. In WP's spot, its and I'll bet the who was from our Ward, but thing is, someone barked load enough, so they pulled all the organizations sites down. Now if this was not bad enough, 04:00 saw I had money in my cash stash. Groovy, mouth watering for fuel, waffle, Skoal pretty much in that order. But guess what? The mechanical bandit said no can do. What now. Meaning I have to crawl up somebody's butt. Its winter for heck sake, you don't pull the plug when my customers are howling and the only thing holding me back is the bank, and or my card, so I can't get diesel. Like I said, somebody's going to have a new butthole later this morning. 
Have a great day, if you can, but like our queen Alex says, if it ain't working well for you, get rid of it.