Saturday, September 7, 2019

Am I the only one who thinks a house fly is cute?

I have hashed out the crap over PoohBear's mess up with money and all, nothing is going to get that fixed. Sure there is a law suit on it pending, security camera phootage is being examined, but its $600.00 that could have put us back on the air on cyber radio waves, but oh well. At least my Bishop came through, and I'm okay, I have enough grub to sustain me so all is right with the world. 
Okay then; I have to ask, Am I the only one not in science, that thinks a house fly or two, is cute? For that matter, misses em if they aren't around? Add to that , that I think they are interesting? 
  I do think they are cute. Despite oothers opinions The little critters are extremely emotional. They do get attached to a person. They are loyal, and provide somewhat entertainment. So I give em a cap full of sugar water, and sometimes soda pop, and just groove on their moves. Some say flies are deaf. Not so, while their ears, are micro sized, they hear and feel vibration quite well. Example, Friday , during my trial testing of systems, one landed on my computer screen. So I started talking to it. Now I have no idea if the little fella, understood what I was saying. But, if I said; wash your face, it did. If I said clean your wings, it did. And so it went. I have one that will park on my shoulder and I named him, Willie(Will-EE) and now if I call out Willie, here he comes. With that all, been doing lots of research and study on these tiny bandits of nature. They are not well liked, its said they puke then suck down their food through a biological straw, but heck we as humans do that , so its not any worse or better as far as carying disease, or such. In fact, I'd bet your next tech inspection, that a tiny fly is cleaner than most humans. Consider sexual behavior. Humans French Kiss, exchanging bodily fluids , as well as other bodily dining, what makes that any cleaner, than a tiny fly consuming food? Then as far as flight. A fly can fly up, down , backwards, forwards , hover, dive, and more. Sure a helicopter can do some of that, but not as accruratly as a fly does. Of course, there's the being treated as the under-dog, or underling. I have always felt, that there are groups of people and even insects, like flies that are underestimated, like; if a rock band is great few give praise to the drummer. If a cafe serves great food, 
few give credit to the cook or chef. In this case few, give credit to a common little pesty critter called a house fly. They must have some purpose, or God wouldn't have created them. Example; God created the humble, bumble bee. Most people just consider them to be a pest that could sting them, yet if it were not for the humble bumble bee, pollinating  flowers and plants, there would not be any veggies, nor flowers nor plants, and certainly no honey. Research into the common little fly needs to be done, but as for me I just think they are fun. Reminder; The WolfPack has its monthly unit meetings this coming weekend, Still trying to locate candidates for Miss WolfPack, and am working on our AyreShow for 2020. Since House is on TV I'll be outta here. Catch me daily on and like us on Facebook. 
TTYLY L8R Aviators.

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