Monday, July 22, 2019

The sayings we just throw away.

Who ever came up with the sayings? Like when you were a Wolf-Pup, your mom would say, " Make sure you have on clean underwear in case your in an accident" If your in an accident that requires you to have to show the contents of your BVD's they ain't going to be clean. Could we say to girls, " Make sure your pad is big enough in case you piddle in the middle?" Or, your Mom might have said," If you cross your eyes they're going to stick like that." That just wont happen. There's ton's of sayings like that the first was a plea threat by Mothers to get boys to wear clean underwear. Which even until we die, guys never keep their underwear clean, skid stains and such. 
My Mom had all kinds of sayings, being a person, who was born and raised in Southern Texas, she had some choice ones. So did my Grandma Sant, the biggest one was, " The bird that fly's to high ends up in a cow pile" Defined means when you get to thinking your all that, your going to find out how unimportant you really are. 
Okay then. The WolfPack will begin meeting at Denny's in Heyburn/Burley Idaho every 1st and last Friday at 19:00 . Even if your not yet a member of the WolfPack, all we ask is you be serious about your love of vintage military aviation and aircraft aka warbirds. 
Last weekend was a battle zone, here at least on the cell phone. PoohBear was all over the place on things cheating and so on. Quite frankly if it were not for the extra money, I'd have give her the boot entirely. She and I have nothing in common, no hobbies nor interests. She is on the rag most days, and I am shopping for a sweetee. If I ever find one that looks good that puts out both twixed her legs as well as her purse, They ain't going to be no PoohBear unification. 
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