Friday, July 26, 2019

Near Dawn and I begin to yawn

Well its about dawn here in Hazzard City and I'm beginning to yawn. Can't figure that out cause I slept most of the day yesterday, mostly self treating my ultra sore air pipe from that barascope surgery the other day. Doctor say's for me only to eat liquids, and not talk much. Says in 3 or 4 days should be back to howling normal. Found out something yesterday, our Miss Muffet Ashley, is not only a mama , but very married. That should make my PoohBear happy. All friendly business but nothing else, which takes that misquito off my back. Still sifting through all the candidates for both on TV talent for our big media campaign, which I'm considering hiring a full fledged ad agency to do it so I don't have that yoke around my neck. That could help us do several things , which includes but not limited to if we hire a ad agency, to keep us happy, and remain a client, they'll be more ambitious to recommend other of their clients of their's . 
On the subject of my PoohBear. 

I truly love this little woman, granted she wont make the cover of Glamor magazine, but then too , neither will I. She get's so envious of other women that I screen for our videos etc, but the truth is I'm an old, very old aviator/biker person, with a pot gut, gray hair that will never stay looking good unless I go bald, I reside in a no bedroom motel room, but I still retain my warbirds, my helicopters, my one tow truck, and my service truck 
 and little by little I'm crawling out a very deep mud pit. A lot of that is both PoohBear as well as some of the people she associates with. Every day, that the radio op, is not running, is $1,200.00 per day, or $8,400.00 per week, or $34,000.00 per month , or to finish this thought is $270,000.00 since we have been off the air. This is not making you My WolfPack happy. But things are in motion on a legal front complete with an attorney to recover the equipment, plus nail down the Cook crooks in Jerome, Idaho, for evicting me last November, and these greedy bastards who locked up our stuff. Welcome to my world. Thing is , PoohBear if nothing else keeps me grounded. On the infidelity front, if she studied our Church's scriptures, which that needs to happen long before she moves out here, since to be Temple ready so we can get married and sealed at the Idaho Falls, Idaho Temple, she needs to take the lessons, plus get baptized into our Church. Well it's now near o5:00 hours so I'm out of here. 
L8R Aviators 

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