Monday, July 22, 2019

It's not that fat butt, its that plow you have on your face.

There's no reason that can be defined by medical science, except its genes or genetics. However all of these hotties you view on TV and such its only when you see them from the side, you think; schitte lady get a nose job. These women that have these plows on their faces for noses. Example there's a super intelligent gal that I was introduced to through Business Rockstars. Alex Wherley. Super hot, right? Not exactly, when I saw her side view and saw that beak, I said not for me. In film and photography anything slightly out of the ordinary is going to look and photograph even bigger. Most of you know that I am mainly a foot and toe guy. I love a lady's peds, especially in nylons. Thing is, if there's even the slightest bit of a bunion, or hammer toe, even with nylons its going to show, especially, with the close up shots we do. When you watch TV and see that otherwise angelic blonde up close and the front of her face, when she turns her head, and you see that trunk, you think my honey, who did you have to mess with to get a gig on TV? Then there are those women that I see on Facebook pages, who are always being photographed up to her knees or ankles. You never see their feet or toes. Even the gothic redhead photography. What are women still conscience of their feet and toes, are they ashamed of them. Let's see the whole package. I have always said, that the woman that takes care of her feet and toes is the kind of woman I want as a mate, reason? She tends to take to the details, no matter what it is she's doing. 
As I close, why is it that both men and women at nail salons are always for the most part Asian? You have to ask. Right? But how do you ask such a question without seemingly being racist? What is gray headed American's can't grind off the sandpaper of her feet? Research needs to be done. 
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