Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Bottom line, these pricks really don't care

Face it, Website hosting companies, like WordPress and such are just like prostitutes. They only care about you, as long as your coughing up money. Minute you say its me or no money, they are saying adios. They flat don't give a diddly. Now that said, I saw a this thing on FB, from our Empowerista queen Alex, who said, " If something is not working for you, and working well, get rid of it. Be that, a website host, a Church Ward, or , preytel a bank. If your just constantly running into a brick wall, dump it, find something that functions well, then invest , but not until. But hey think on this. WordPress, does have balls. Surly their accounting guru's knows that your sites are off line, surly they know that you've been pinging them since 17:00 Hours, but hey again they don't care. All they are interested in , is having their garter stuffed with cash, for their stash. In WP's spot, its and I'll bet the who was from our Ward, but thing is, someone barked load enough, so they pulled all the organizations sites down. Now if this was not bad enough, 04:00 saw I had money in my cash stash. Groovy, mouth watering for fuel, waffle, Skoal pretty much in that order. But guess what? The mechanical bandit said no can do. What now. Meaning I have to crawl up somebody's butt. Its winter for heck sake, you don't pull the plug when my customers are howling and the only thing holding me back is the bank, and or my card, so I can't get diesel. Like I said, somebody's going to have a new butthole later this morning. 
Have a great day, if you can, but like our queen Alex says, if it ain't working well for you, get rid of it.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Am I the only one who thinks a house fly is cute?

I have hashed out the crap over PoohBear's mess up with money and all, nothing is going to get that fixed. Sure there is a law suit on it pending, security camera phootage is being examined, but its $600.00 that could have put us back on the air on cyber radio waves, but oh well. At least my Bishop came through, and I'm okay, I have enough grub to sustain me so all is right with the world. 
Okay then; I have to ask, Am I the only one not in science, that thinks a house fly or two, is cute? For that matter, misses em if they aren't around? Add to that , that I think they are interesting? 
  I do think they are cute. Despite oothers opinions The little critters are extremely emotional. They do get attached to a person. They are loyal, and provide somewhat entertainment. So I give em a cap full of sugar water, and sometimes soda pop, and just groove on their moves. Some say flies are deaf. Not so, while their ears, are micro sized, they hear and feel vibration quite well. Example, Friday , during my trial testing of systems, one landed on my computer screen. So I started talking to it. Now I have no idea if the little fella, understood what I was saying. But, if I said; wash your face, it did. If I said clean your wings, it did. And so it went. I have one that will park on my shoulder and I named him, Willie(Will-EE) and now if I call out Willie, here he comes. With that all, been doing lots of research and study on these tiny bandits of nature. They are not well liked, its said they puke then suck down their food through a biological straw, but heck we as humans do that , so its not any worse or better as far as carying disease, or such. In fact, I'd bet your next tech inspection, that a tiny fly is cleaner than most humans. Consider sexual behavior. Humans French Kiss, exchanging bodily fluids , as well as other bodily dining, what makes that any cleaner, than a tiny fly consuming food? Then as far as flight. A fly can fly up, down , backwards, forwards , hover, dive, and more. Sure a helicopter can do some of that, but not as accruratly as a fly does. Of course, there's the being treated as the under-dog, or underling. I have always felt, that there are groups of people and even insects, like flies that are underestimated, like; if a rock band is great few give praise to the drummer. If a cafe serves great food, 
few give credit to the cook or chef. In this case few, give credit to a common little pesty critter called a house fly. They must have some purpose, or God wouldn't have created them. Example; God created the humble, bumble bee. Most people just consider them to be a pest that could sting them, yet if it were not for the humble bumble bee, pollinating  flowers and plants, there would not be any veggies, nor flowers nor plants, and certainly no honey. Research into the common little fly needs to be done, but as for me I just think they are fun. Reminder; The WolfPack has its monthly unit meetings this coming weekend, Still trying to locate candidates for Miss WolfPack, and am working on our AyreShow for 2020. Since House is on TV I'll be outta here. Catch me daily on www.ktowfm.com and like us on Facebook. 
TTYLY L8R Aviators.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Near Dawn and I begin to yawn

Well its about dawn here in Hazzard City and I'm beginning to yawn. Can't figure that out cause I slept most of the day yesterday, mostly self treating my ultra sore air pipe from that barascope surgery the other day. Doctor say's for me only to eat liquids, and not talk much. Says in 3 or 4 days should be back to howling normal. Found out something yesterday, our Miss Muffet Ashley, is not only a mama , but very married. That should make my PoohBear happy. All friendly business but nothing else, which takes that misquito off my back. Still sifting through all the candidates for both on TV talent for our big media campaign, which I'm considering hiring a full fledged ad agency to do it so I don't have that yoke around my neck. That could help us do several things , which includes but not limited to if we hire a ad agency, to keep us happy, and remain a client, they'll be more ambitious to recommend other of their clients of their's . 
On the subject of my PoohBear. 

I truly love this little woman, granted she wont make the cover of Glamor magazine, but then too , neither will I. She get's so envious of other women that I screen for our videos etc, but the truth is I'm an old, very old aviator/biker person, with a pot gut, gray hair that will never stay looking good unless I go bald, I reside in a no bedroom motel room, but I still retain my warbirds, my helicopters, my one tow truck, and my service truck 
 and little by little I'm crawling out a very deep mud pit. A lot of that is both PoohBear as well as some of the people she associates with. Every day, that the radio op, is not running, is $1,200.00 per day, or $8,400.00 per week, or $34,000.00 per month , or to finish this thought is $270,000.00 since we have been off the air. This is not making you My WolfPack happy. But things are in motion on a legal front complete with an attorney to recover the equipment, plus nail down the Cook crooks in Jerome, Idaho, for evicting me last November, and these greedy bastards who locked up our stuff. Welcome to my world. Thing is , PoohBear if nothing else keeps me grounded. On the infidelity front, if she studied our Church's scriptures, which that needs to happen long before she moves out here, since to be Temple ready so we can get married and sealed at the Idaho Falls, Idaho Temple, she needs to take the lessons, plus get baptized into our Church. Well it's now near o5:00 hours so I'm out of here. 
L8R Aviators 

Monday, July 22, 2019

It's not that fat butt, its that plow you have on your face.

There's no reason that can be defined by medical science, except its genes or genetics. However all of these hotties you view on TV and such its only when you see them from the side, you think; schitte lady get a nose job. These women that have these plows on their faces for noses. Example there's a super intelligent gal that I was introduced to through Business Rockstars. Alex Wherley. Super hot, right? Not exactly, when I saw her side view and saw that beak, I said not for me. In film and photography anything slightly out of the ordinary is going to look and photograph even bigger. Most of you know that I am mainly a foot and toe guy. I love a lady's peds, especially in nylons. Thing is, if there's even the slightest bit of a bunion, or hammer toe, even with nylons its going to show, especially, with the close up shots we do. When you watch TV and see that otherwise angelic blonde up close and the front of her face, when she turns her head, and you see that trunk, you think my honey, who did you have to mess with to get a gig on TV? Then there are those women that I see on Facebook pages, who are always being photographed up to her knees or ankles. You never see their feet or toes. Even the gothic redhead photography. What are women still conscience of their feet and toes, are they ashamed of them. Let's see the whole package. I have always said, that the woman that takes care of her feet and toes is the kind of woman I want as a mate, reason? She tends to take to the details, no matter what it is she's doing. 
As I close, why is it that both men and women at nail salons are always for the most part Asian? You have to ask. Right? But how do you ask such a question without seemingly being racist? What is gray headed American's can't grind off the sandpaper of her feet? Research needs to be done. 
L8R Aviators

The sayings we just throw away.

Who ever came up with the sayings? Like when you were a Wolf-Pup, your mom would say, " Make sure you have on clean underwear in case your in an accident" If your in an accident that requires you to have to show the contents of your BVD's they ain't going to be clean. Could we say to girls, " Make sure your pad is big enough in case you piddle in the middle?" Or, your Mom might have said," If you cross your eyes they're going to stick like that." That just wont happen. There's ton's of sayings like that the first was a plea threat by Mothers to get boys to wear clean underwear. Which even until we die, guys never keep their underwear clean, skid stains and such. 
My Mom had all kinds of sayings, being a person, who was born and raised in Southern Texas, she had some choice ones. So did my Grandma Sant, the biggest one was, " The bird that fly's to high ends up in a cow pile" Defined means when you get to thinking your all that, your going to find out how unimportant you really are. 
Okay then. The WolfPack will begin meeting at Denny's in Heyburn/Burley Idaho every 1st and last Friday at 19:00 . Even if your not yet a member of the WolfPack, all we ask is you be serious about your love of vintage military aviation and aircraft aka warbirds. 
Last weekend was a battle zone, here at least on the cell phone. PoohBear was all over the place on things cheating and so on. Quite frankly if it were not for the extra money, I'd have give her the boot entirely. She and I have nothing in common, no hobbies nor interests. She is on the rag most days, and I am shopping for a sweetee. If I ever find one that looks good that puts out both twixed her legs as well as her purse, They ain't going to be no PoohBear unification. 
L8R Aviators

Thursday, May 9, 2019

It's always something, excuses, excuses. Damn it don't sit there git-r-done.

Well here it is, Thursday, now PoohBear says it was too hot, then too rainy, wuzz up with that? Did she spend the dues money on her damn brother who still owes the WolfPack $400.00. If he's driving truck and raking in good miles, how can it be that he can't pay his car payment? Schitte I paid my car off in a years time. Yea I got mine repoed twice, but I got it back as well. Although it took some damn serious creative accounting to do it. This same thing happens once in awhile with PoohBear. She needs some of the dues money, but she's so scared of loosing me that she fibs about keeping some. Sure its her money, but if she'd just tell me before hand then I can prepare before, and make adjustments. I do this for various reasons with her. The main one is that when we get hitched, and should something ever happen to me, at least she'd be in the habit of paying rent and expenses. As it is, she'd have trouble in that regard. If I tell someone something, you can bet your next annual inspection, that by cracking, I'll get it done somehow. Right now, I should be in Evanston , with Rick, doing up tasks like getting him on the road, with the Subaru, and getting LexiBelle fixed so I can use it this winter. Plus it'd be nice to have my phone back and get the insurance bill paid on my rigs, including the Mini-General 
 Of course here I am, and just waiting. Look I love PoohBear very much, and we are right for each other , since no body else would have either one of us. But there are times, I'd like to swat her in the butt, and get her to do, what she says she'll do. She did something similar to this last October, which culminated in me being evicted from the place in Jerome, Idaho, and cascading to my radio gear is locked up, and me loosing $12,000.00 a month in revenue. That money albeit I only get 10%, the rest of it goes to the WolfPack/Knytes. This is not good. Maybe tomoroow . Been getting caught up on the TV, SVU, Chicago PD, STNG etc, but I do have a thing I'm chasing, there's a jingle background song on Citi Entertainment(aka Citi Bank) TV ad. The one where the dorky blonde is going to a concert. What the hell is the name of that song? Whose the artist? It kinda sounds a bit like Selena, but I'm not yet sure. But I'm searching for it. 
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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Did you see it? Here one second, gone the next

Did you see it? Put up a video from one of our music tracks. It made it to FakeBook, and I think was posted for a few seconds on our blog here. But because of the nature of the video. It did not stay posted very long. Which is normal. See there is this fear from the intellectuals and those not in the knowledge that creates fear from the populars to allow our flag or much of anything that might threaten the tranquility of that popular society. It has more to do with money or loosing money than not being incorrect politically. Yet you can be sure if there was a correction of that course there would be shouting, crying and the knashing of teeth. Most schools push away from teaching the truth of that war that killed nearly 700,000 people, as well as the cause or causes of that war. You can't preach that as noble as he was, Abe Lincoln, was far from being far from being honest Abe. 
Those people in charge of interweb sites, want only mundane content. Sure the choice is creating a your choice of what gets posted, is to fire up your own site, but even then your restricted. Ours at ; www.ktowfm.com is one of the few that has survived, but even that needs to be built out. The fear of most web content, sites is, our flag. The problem of our flag if it really is a problem as it is more of a point, the original flag, is the cross of Saint Andrew 
 It, is more symbolic than a threat. 80% of Confederates, or that of the southern people, have their ancestrial roots anchored in Scotland and Ireland , as such many of the foods, of our southern culture comes from those nations. One really can't call themselves native Americans. As all too many have our family roots in European areas if not eastern Europe, not the land we call America. Yet all too many bark and yap, like a hairless mutt about this being our nation, build a wall. Right now our elected leader is barking about Russia and that part of our planet. Russia and Hitler built a wall as well. What did that get anyone? China built a wall called the great China Wall. Wall's and enclosures does nothing except piss people off. America, again under the leadership, of a Republican President, took away lands from the Real, native American's and put em on reservations. You can't force people to do anything or go beyond the decency of their God given choices. This is why exactly what kicked off the war between the states. Yankees forced their will on the southern people and wanted to create their own nation. The greedy Yankee (Republican) politicians didn't want to loose that tax money nor real estate. So the war began. I'm not saying one political party is better than the other, both are so corrupt, that I usually don't even vote. Yet I see some candidates coming online for the 20-20 elections. Will we really see 20/20 or say what was 20/20 is now only 20/10 or worse, completely blind? I say get the heat on, lets get the Confederate National Party in front of the people. Let's buy real ads, and place them where it needs to be, like on the FoX News Channel, in the NYC Times, MSNBC, and such, lets create a buzz. Lets recruit a candidate , build him (or her) up, and create a bit of a fuss. Hey we may not win much of anything , but we will draw attention, of the rest of the nation of the Southern Movement. Catch my overnight edition at: www.ktowfm.com 

I am Their Flag