Monday, November 19, 2018

WolfPack Daily Breefs

The studio is now quiet, spooky in a way, usually I'm barking and howling at the top of my lungs and rockin, but sadly not this morning. The silence is not a permanante thing, but financial circumstances dictated that we had to pull back on the purse strings this month and our carrier for our webcast is now silent at least for a month or so. Seems as just as we are about to snag the trophy bell, something pulls the plug. But we'll still be there after the 1st of the year. So too I have to restructure myself and not be so gullable and all too trusting of people outside the WolfPack. Seems every time I start looking outside of our howlin circle is when I get bit or at least kicked in the teeth. I trusted in things on a Church basis, I trusted in a scoundrel of a property owner, and I trusted in some of those so called FB friends. Who are more acquainteneces rather than friends. 80% or better of them would no more divvy up money to help someone than they would forgo their Friday night brewski. The stories of stories going viral on FB and people reaching out to give financial aid through say etc, only do so, if your a ethnic, minority female who just had a bad bit of luck. Not a Veteran who just got booted from his domicile due to a hiccup in VA processing. No people outside our nation, and the loners on FB are there because many of them have no one else. And they transfer their lonely to a bunch of people that have no real return interest in them. 
Okay then enough of my whining and boo hooing. 
While the howl of the wolf may be silent at least online, that don't mean that we are completely silent for in our area we can still be heard over the air, on terrestrial radio. Our mission has not changed, we are still the information and educational source with a touch of humor entertainment, of and for those of us who have and still do strap on an aircraft to fly in harms way in defense of this nation as Navy and Marine Aviators. Likewise we are the only true voice of the present day Confederacy, not just remembering that of old, but revitalizing the present. We are truly the Wolvez in amongst the sheep. I still remember that day at Deseret Transportation in Utah at the tail end of the 1990's. President Hinckley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, came over, and sat down with me on a stack of dirty truck tires, had a cup with me and said right there and then that I was in fact the Good Wolf in amongst the Sheep, that I kept Church membership where ever I went nervous and not resting on their complacency. That it was good that I did what I did to keep some of the older church members jumping. A task that I hold dear to everyday. I'm proud that since 2001 when we formed this unit, and all the things we have done, that to stop the prowl of the Wolvez would be tragic. Any mile Good morning ya'll time to go sniff out some places for me and the station.

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