Monday, November 12, 2018

There truly needs to be an overhaul in silicon valley California

There really needs to be a serious overhaul of tech companies in Silicon Valley California. Seems as though the giants from Google to WordPress and yes even Facebook have gotten bigger than their britches. Yet we also depend on these companies to keep the flow of information, flowing. Any more however that flow is more like sewage. And it doesn't matter if its YOUR site on WordPress that you pay for, or a business listing that's nearly free, although I pay right at $20.00 a month for on Google, My Business. The give and then they take away. Then there are those damn captcha's to identify YOU. Damn it of course its me for hell sake, son-of-a-revenuer, I pay for the damn site, why can't I use it the way I want to? What it is, is, there are way too many little Lord Fontleroy's in queer bay in these companies with foreign connecting names and the inability to speak native American or even American English, without it being too accented to understand. With that said I'm ready for bed.

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