Tuesday, November 13, 2018

So did anyone see the two FB posts?

I often wonder just how many people really see, much less absorb or comprehend the ad's and postings we put up on social media. It does not matter the platform, getting some one there to eye ball and mentally scan the content is a grueling task. Seems as though we do have a real lack of proper basic education in our nation. Kids just don't know how to read. As for me I got reading at the tender age of 1 year old, my Mom (bless her heart) bought a subscription to an old kids magazine called Humpty Dumpty. I would sit on my tiny potty and read the hell out of that, I was connecting dots on the dot pages, and reading the text. My Mom used to lie with me on my bed, and read , and read. By age 3 I was reading entire dictionaries. I even started reading college books by age 5. As far as intelligent talking, hell I was chatting away by age 1-1/2, forming sentences and making damn sure everyone around me paid attention. Guess I was always a showy kind of kid. I loved then as now, the spotlight, whether performing on stage, or doing radio hell I had my own podcast LPFM at age 8. I built it myself. Shortly after connected to the crew at KCPX AM 1320 which we just bought to transfer to American Falls Idaho. Any mile I love performing, I do well at it, and I even have an agent, plus am Aftra, and SAG member there of. But I'm off course here. When we post either, by paying for an ad, or doing up a freebee. On Facebook, or other social media platforms, I often wonder how many of anyone really reads it, much less understands our postings. Boggles the mind. AyreWolf FM coming up on the AM today, and afternoon its Rebel Radio from noon to 15:00 hours. You can tune in on at www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 
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