Monday, November 12, 2018

See I am right, the fb melt down begins

I did not suffer this malady but apparently many did. Saw from a few of the so called, and I say so called since they are only fb friends not ones you can really count on when you need a hand up. Any mile guess a few had a malfunction on fb where they couldn't send messenger chats and so on. Saw where, PoohBear, Wayne and a few others were getting peanut butter jambs on sending pm's and such. So I ask, is it the fear of wide spread panic that kept fb, from informing the press or public that there was yet another fb glitch? Or is it that slowly we are seeing a serious fb meltdown? I remember, mostly because I'm old enough to, when the old MySpace was the social site, right at the tail of their lifespan, they too started having serious meltdowns in the tech department. Of course speaking of MySpace, I still remember that chick from NYC who found me on MySpace back in 2001 who accepted my dare challenge and really came out west to Utah to see me. That was the last real roll in rack that I have had. WingsofADove was her screen name, never did find out what became of her. 
But I regress getting off topic here. It seems that everything IoT any more is bunking up more security protocols, and making sure you, is you, yet the systems that makes sure you, is you is at best at infant stage. 
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