Sunday, November 11, 2018

People who just fake it.

Had this little chickadee that was supposed to drop by yesterday at 15:00 . So stayed up way past my mid morning nap time. Seems this gal likes to kick the tires a lot, but doesn't really want to go on a test ride, much over don't want to buy into the gig. This Marie is getting to me. Why bark and request a sit down when all she's doing is teasing? Her excuse is always no money for gas. Really? What it takes maybe at the worst $2.00 to drive from Twin Falls to Jerome? I could kind of see the reluctance from TF to Wendell, but to Jerome? So I went in when phone poles were being needed to hold my eyes open as toothpicks were not cutting it, and slept right to Midnight. Would have gotten up then cept had to handle a tow call, plus find some groceries to pour down my neck. So during the time I was asleep, had wicked dreams of offing myself, due to the up coming mallofahess with my domicile, and woke up thinking horse crap, why am I looking at shutting me as well as all things HazzardAyre down just to satisfy this prick? Horse shit. So thought is point the eyes at Twinky Flatts and see where that's at. But what bums me out is these honey's that just disrupt my schedule saying they want in to being one of the honey crew here, but then nevers shows up. Sure I know shit happens, but that fangled thing called a I-phone and or any cell phone, means I am as near as a ring. More on the show after Church at 13:00 see ya'll there.

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