Friday, November 9, 2018

Did this all really happen?

Well here I am in front of a civilian firing squad. Well maybe not that severe, but close enough. Making a decision on my next destination is a horrendious task. Between radio werx, my truck and tools and the rest of my personal stuff finding a place to house it all is going to be tough and yet I'm still awake. A wise and comforting lady near Wendell Idaho, once told me to think the best, and let God our Heavenly Father handle the rest. But when faced with a situation that I did not cause, and the constant situation with PoohBear's money isn't an easy condition to deal with. I know her money handleing thing is not her fault, but she listens to every one else except me. I've told her many times get out of that damn Amscot outfit and sign up with a real bank. She says she can't. Something to do with her Social Security being overseen by her mother, who is not exactly wound to tight. With that said, and me needing to go to bed, I'm not yet dead, but close enough to it.
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Be there.

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