Saturday, November 17, 2018

But does any body at FB screen this stuff?

A Howlin Morning to ya'll from the rainy and frozen tundra of Western Idaho and here at the temporary Wolf's Lair. Before I get into my normal rant here, and I'll know more of the wuzz up on it Monday, but got word this morning that our revived and renewed version of the TV show Airwolf has been given the green light to begin production come this spring. Universal Pictures has given us the go ahead and from what I understand some cash for the stash due in around mid April 2019. So it looks like the Lady 
 Will fly again. Casting will begin in mid March 2019. 
Okay then, with my current situation of finding a ground station for myself, been looking all over. The most promising locations are in the mini Cassia area of Idaho, namely Burley/Rupert and immediate area. I saw one single wide trailer that could work, and one that is a take over the lease deal in Burley. So will dig into those come Monday. There's a few that I saw in Twin Falls, and a 1 bedrm, 1 bath condo in Filer. Problem is nobody answers the phone. So the question I have is, how many of these postings are real? How many are fake? And how many just tell a part of the story? The other question I have and I have seen it countless times, that someone posts a place or a rental, yet the person placing the ad has nothing really to do with it, yet takes money up front for it. So does anyone at Facebook take a look at these ads? Check for accuracy? I know our pages and groups have to be updated on a regular basis to make them stay active, so why not these? Even though they're paid for ads, still isn't there a fraud censor at Facebook? 
Finally, our radio network will be off air Until the first of the year. In that time we are going to do a full rework of the studio, install new equipment and sound processors, and erect a new antenna and install a fully functional transmitter. So we will be doing most written publishing rather than half and half like we do now. 
Have a Howlin day.

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