Wednesday, November 21, 2018

All the hoopla over Christmas and why is it that I'm always sniffing feet?

All this hoopla over Christmas. Seems everwhere you look everyone is saying, Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving, pretty hard to get festive over such things when your facing being homeless. I know that I'll rise above this with all 4 paws on the ground but you'd think Church types would dig in and help someone facing such a crisis this time of year. I don't like being helpless or asking anyone for anything, but this Cook crook, kept rasing rent amounts and conned me into this joint last June that it finally came to a head. Getting out from under that and all is not the depressing part, and I wonder what the Judge was thinking when he issued the eviction order, being the holidays and all especially Thanksgiving. Hard to get in touch with someone to pin down a place to live with all of that. But so it goes. It's really hard to concentrate or plan anything, thinking the omen of doom is on the horizon. Okay then onto something a bit lighter.
I have never figured out and there's been many of a head shrink that has tried to figure it out, but it always seems or should I say seams? that for some goofy reason, I'm always attracted to women's feet especially if they are wearing nylon hosiery of some sort. Sue our resident relationship advisor says its normal that all guys have some measure of a fetish, and that in the right idea that its healthy. However it always seams that anything with toes in hose or just toes are my weakness. Or aspiration depending on how you look at it. My main vocation outside of flying is Towing or as I spell it Toewing. One of the main steps into professionalism, on the radio op was in an office next to a foot doctor there in Evanston, Wyoming. I don't know if it was the fact that watching TV shows of the mid to late 1960's with all things leggy and in tights, or if it was a teacher that tutored me in 6th Grade, who wore skirts so short you could see everything or what it was or is, but put the right looking woman in nylons with the right set of legs, and she has me in her spell, and completely undivided attention. 

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