Sunday, July 1, 2018

Just why can't we have that here?

I often wonder and ask myself, why can't we have that here? Example; the LDS Ward in Evanston Wyoming that I attended , would for those that did not attend or found it due to health reasons could not attend services on Sunday, would worship at home, and the Ward delivered and gave the prayer then allowed that inactive member the ability to have sacrament or consume the Lords supper as some call it. My question is , why can't or isn't done here in say Swendell Idaho. It's not that I hate some of the people in our ward here, because I don't. In fact I forgive all of them as the Lord commands Us to do, its even in the Lords's Prayer it says, Forgive those who trespass on us as the Lord shall forgive us. We all sin, you can't live in today's society and not sin, somewhere nor can you be a mortal human and not sin. It's impossible. We are not a perfect species. Only our Heavenly Father is perfect. Unlike our Ward in Wyoming, this one here, is a bit too judgemental and condemns those who they feel is not of their level, ether economically or some otherwise. I can't go to Church and yet feel Welcome and not be self conscience. I don't enjoy being judged by anyone except the Lord himself. There will be time for that when I'm getting my ass kicked on that final judgement day. But it wont be by no human. I will say that I appreciated the feller who mowed my lawn yesterday from next door. But its a bit too much for way too late, by weeks end my feet will be propped up in Jerome Idaho rather than Swendell. I'm not saving that much money wise since I will have to rent another place to do radio etc, but my mind will be relieved since I wont have to feel that every eye in town is on me. The other day however I came up with the reason that Jerome is finally reaching a state of improvement. Unlike Swendell, Jerome has a very active Chamber-of-Commerce. and an active B2B networking community. This means the ability to connect with others, so I can teach what I know, and learn from others what I don't business wise. Jerome has a local newspaper there, plus a host of things that Swendell, fails to attract. Why? because Swendell has way too many people here that are quick to Judge, rather than those who are willing to jump in and roll up their sleeves, open their wallets and say how can we help? Next week is not Testimony meeting so I wont be so motivated to stand up and open my mouth and say what I feel, plus lie. I can't stand up and say that I fully trust President nelson of the Church, I can't get up and say I Trust the leaders of the Church, except for one, Dalin Oaks is the only one that I feel has a grip on things, not any of the rest of them. Yes I know The Church is the true Church of the Earth, yes I know the teachings of the Church is spot on, I can say for sure the Lord does miracles, and sometimes I know that because of free agency those miracles go ary, such as the oops of Angel and all that happened there. Yes I know I fuggled up by not going to Deseret Industries to work, because I remained on station here training Angel, even though that went to shits. But I will not go to a Ward, where its me that get's judged. Hey as I said, I forgive, but I don't forget. Just the value of one of those pianos would feed several poor people in the community for years, some of those cars parked outside, makes me wonder, about how all too many walked for days to hear the Lords Sermon on the Mount. As for my long hair, drabby clothes and my beard, wonder if John the Baptist would be welcome at this Ward, or for that matter the Lord himself. If God himself walked in, said who he was, would he have to show it by a miracle? Or even a state issued pictured ID? 
Terrible Ain't it, that's why I don't go to Church any more than I need to. I don't go where I'm not wanted.
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