Thursday, June 14, 2018

This is why more people are going to WordPress paid or not
Our new SheWolf had a complete article hammered out and went to save and send when the entire piece was lost. Both she and I are pissed. Since I have for the majority been using WordPress, albeit its made a few mistakes, overall, there has been no loss of content. Yet here it was. Perhaps a bit of inexperience of Blogger was the problem, yet shouldn't Blogger a Google product have at least saved the original draft? Instead it took her to a review page. Piss on this, and this is what I'm paying money for? Maybe there needs to be a rethink, here. Blogger has pushed away so many platforms that the Alphabet company feels is a threat. She was doing a piece on Gender bias regarding the concept of older versus younger romantic pursuits. Should it matter how old or how young to a certain level, one should look to recruiting and sustaining a relationship of a personal level? She's going to re do it for Friday's edition of AyreWolf Radio, heard on: Join us for that.
Until Later Aviators