Monday, March 19, 2018

Is your domicile safe? Has the three pigs invaded your Wolf's Den?

Was it a ghost? Or by the hand of man? Consider, yesterday evening got home from Kathleen's place only to find that ye old Mable was on, and online. Did I arrive home a bit too soon. The scent of foreign parfume and cologne was in the air, alerting me to the fact that I had nearly caught an invader or at least a snoopy twerp. So was up until near 03:00 replacing files and doing diagnostics. Now the results if I had truly caught a invader would have been fatal. I will not call the law since that where I'm at is useless. If you want the law enforced in Gooding County Idaho, you enforce it yourself. Too many boy scouts with overpriced firearm toys here. No real idea how to do anything. It wasn't always this way. While Earl Brown was the Sheriff here years ago, Earl wore the badge but did much less. The real cop work here was between maybe 5 here, Bill Bunn, Dale Bunn, Chuck Minard, and Deputy Steve. The last one was my Dad, and in reserve me. I know how to shoot, and have no problems in pulling the trigger, the vermin we have on two legs in the area, is greater than any getto neighborhood in Utah or nearby city. So snagged a few hours of sleep time, got up to finish my engineering so that Kathleen and associates could stop by do their magic on me then do a radio show, which is what I'm doing now.
So then got an inquiry from SSI and DoD. Seems as though someone leaked some grease to the feds on the arrangement between PoohBear , Me, and the WolfPack. Meaning a freeze on the green or a severe decrease on the oil that keeps the engines of the WolfPack going. But all was not lost, a friend of mine that has a two seater duster, dropped by, asked if I wanted to go up on a few passes, of course I said, does a Coyote shit on the desert? And as it was, for a few hours was able to truly reach out and touch the face of God. 
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