Wednesday, January 10, 2018

There's just something more going on in that little house than someone just sleeping there

Imagine going to the local food store in your small rural town, and talking up a radio gig, only to have the clerk ask, I didn't know there was a radio station here in Wendell. Now imagine having a guest stop by and not have the foggiest notion, or the phone company show up without a clue. Yet if one were to get to the local grade school stop light, turn west on 3rd avenue, and breeze up a block and a half and look they would see 
 which is the Wendell Idaho Rode House of the Iron Knytes Association is located. At first not much to look at , however it surprises many who dare to enter in to find that there is a studio 
Yes it does surprise many especially the feminazi gender that also dares to enter within. Yet this is where HazzardAyre, Maximum Overdrive, AyreWolfFM, and SAMCRO MC Radio is produced and delivered. From here to a 150 foot stick on the western desert 20 miles west of Wendell, and the 125,000 watt FM signal, commands a footprint and delivering content like no other happens. With the only show on radio for us who tow yes the American Towing Professional, along with advice programs from fixing the finest food from the kountry, to Southern Heritage education and preservation, programs we do what only others wish they could do, but their boards of directors, stake holders and so on never let them serve the public. We do, the difference between us and those on other stations? Just like those we serve we drive 18 wheels, tow trucks, fly, and of course ride those big Harley's and Indian's. Add to that we are dedicated Confederate American's who aim to retain our southern kountry values from the farm to the interstate. There's an old adage that says, " Don't judge a book by its cover" In our case, don't determine what's inside from its humble outside. This little house 
has many surprises, some would do well to look inside.

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