Sunday, January 14, 2018

There's gotta be some really stupid peeps on the cyber highway Glad we are still together

There are times I have to think there has to be a very young naive and just no thinking population on the cyber highway. Dig this; I saw this spam mail in my trash stash from somebody named James Dobson. Now anyone that wasn't an older rider like myself might have bit on that letter. However, knowing James Dobson the fabled investment counselor from radio and TV and preacher, knows James Dobson, but the sand some 10 or so years ago. Yet some Granny somewhere might snaggle that and become a victim of cyber crime. Maybe that is what I'm here for? Since I have seen it all, read a lot, have lived a life many would commit murder for, is to inform the not all to tightly wrapped , on things they should be learning for themselves. Some suggest that much of this comes from the cyber or computer web system to begin with. I say if your only using your cyber device, to watch movies, tune into music and ratchet jaw with your so called(in reality they are not) friends on Facebook Instagram and others then your not really using the web as it was intended. Let's get down to it, if your only there to mess around with FB all the time and not knowing who you REALLY are chatting with are you really making friends? If you had a real crisis in your life, how many of those Facebook friends could you REALLY count on? Would any of them dig into their jeans pull out some green to help you? Then there are those trolling porn queens that are out there on FB that seems to sneak onto your group or organization Pages. I try to go through as many of ours as I can, to filter out and delete trollers as quick as I find them, but here's what happens. You click on the pic, then get redirected to a porn site, that has a herendious amount malware, adware, and invasionware built in. Once you download a pic the crap comes with it, right there in your computer kicking your cpu and all right in the head. My advice unless your damn sure who it is, and can see em on the street in YOUR home town, or a neighboring town, don't download it. Even if you catch a cyber glitch, if its from someone in your home town at least you can go kick their ass, if its from someone in Texas or Michigan or somewhere's long ways away, even if you do figure out who they is, going up against them in battle might prove to be a serious operation. Especially true when downloading software. I don't give a rats pubic hairs how secure the thing say's it is, most likely it ain't. If you need new stuff on your computer get the hard version, from a tech store and install it yourself. Even Micro-Crap and other updates. I'm not so sure I want to do that any more.
When it comes to FB and similar, with the changes coming to your FB newsfeed and all, are you sure you want to spend much time on FB anymore? Especially when FB restricts you to just how much of your favored or LIKED groups you can see and then barks if you want to go elsewhere. Social site they say. I call FB the cyber Commie Censored Site. There isn't anything social or community about it any more. Especially on the first or second week of the month on weekends. Reason, even the low income types are out getting sexed up and drunk, nothing or hardly anyone there on FB, its only about the middle of the month when the Government pay gets a bit lean or is gone that they're on there. The days of what we called the Web is going away, and for us here at KnyteWolf Radio we too are re-examining things, moving away from so much online webcasting to going back to over the air broadcasting, which isn't such a really bad idea since how many from the web are going to patronize the people that spend money on our station to tell you about themselves. 
More about a real shift here from more 18 wheels and less 2 wheels, next entry. Be on air at noon today Sunday after Church.

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