Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Perhaps to prevent your computer from being infected is not read Komondos postings of how not to get infected.

I am starting to think, that one of the best ways, to not get a computer infected is to not visit or accept postings from Kim Komondo . If you look at her pages you see ads from powerinbox, with ads that you just know are filled with tracking and tons of virus filled malware. Which might be why I get all these computer problems. In the interest of keeping you informed on the air every day, starting at noon weekdays and running to midnight every day, I digest much amounts of information. However much of that comes with serious risk. Computer infections are at fever pitch right now. The reasons range from ISIS take over, USSR spying, to domestic financial collapse. While your Government money might be okay for now don't wait , as Trump and his buddies are looking at that too. Of course there is the fact that just a few and I mean few pages etc that are free from most malware and infections. It's not Google although there's is less these days, its not Yahoo. Since Yahoo got swallowed up by Verizon, its prevention is low, and its not Microsoft although they are trying. The biggest Malware? Facebook. Its not Facebook's fault. These scoundrels infect Facebook users with postings that redirect you to infected sites. My cell phone? Nope, my old flip phone that barely texts and takes pictures is 10 plus years old, nothing fancy, oh it was in its day, but its a phone. Which is what I need it to be a phone if I'm doing something computer-ish, I use a computer. My TV? Analog, with a converter, and over the air TV. As far as my house? Who needs to be that lazy, get off your butt and turn off the damn light. Quite honestly if I didn't need the Internet for the radio gig, I'd turn the damn thing off, and put the money into my bike. Which is why I wasn't on air overnight, Old Bessie's IT connection is still on the frits so need to call CenturyLink this morning again.
My final on this; want to not get as much virus infected Malware on your computer? Don't read Kim Komondo's webpage , its got tons of it.

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