Monday, January 1, 2018

Looks like we made it, but then what you see, just might be a mirage

In the words of an old Barry Manilow song, looks like we made it. But then I have had these moments before happen, only to find that 60% of the parts or human resources were just sucking wind, as most are. It takes a very dedicated crew to do what we do the way WE do it. 
While I'm not into allowing outsiders into internal operations, still there are things that require bringing in outside vendors, whether that's outside voice or voices, or an equipment vendor supplier, allowing secular collabrolators into our midsts is not so bad.
I am reminded of what we're doing to a part of the LDS Church that I lovingly belong to. 
At 1200 Wallace in West Valley aka Salt Lake City sits the trucking company or unit of the church's humanitarian division. The company called Deseret Transportation. One of my dearest mentors Rocky, was chatting with a Church official one day that I overheard, quite by accident. While outside influences and such did not dictate doctrinal changes, still keeping those trucks on the road meant dealing with outside secular vendors and suppliers. 
So today it became official, we now have our own website, or at least a cover page with a domain name. This is us now. With that building rather than tearing down bridges, is required. From photography for the cover and post pics, to voices for on air. While Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio is the focus, everything else including what got us restarted as AyreWolfFM in 2002 to mid 2007, after that the variation of putting feet on the ground rather than having our heads in the clouds as it were was required. But that said, when I started seeing a movement starting on facebook with Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio's Page I thought lets go that way. Face it many are more in love of butt in the seat of a truck than in the seat inside the cockpit of a Bell 222A or Corsair. Plus before I can fly again legally need to drop 45 more pounds. So why not combine the two?
From the MC unit, hey beit pilot, trucker or even the Toew Bro's, I have been welcomed, embraced and held closer by the biker community than all others. My loyalty and affection for anyone who rides two wheels will always be primary, If it hadn't been for two area MC's grabbing ahold and helping us in the Knytes in 2008, the Knytes would have been lost, completely. Lets be honest if I'm not toewing, or wrenching on a helo, I'm tooling on a bike in my own shop out back of the Wolf's Lair here. The place is called Hazzard County Choppers or HCC for short. But that don't mean I don't yearn to fly again.  For now I have to be content on being warbird style aviation's mouthpiece and thus AyreWolfFM. 
BTW it was in part how I got the tag Wolf, took place as well at Deseret Transportation. See I was doing tires at Deseret Transportation during the time Church President Hinckley was there. Short of it was one morning doing my work, there I was , Skoal in mouth , big gulp Maverick Coffee on my rollaway toolbox, and here came President Hinckley. President Hinckley smelled both and sat with me alone on some piled tires and chatted, he told me not to be ashamed of my small infractions of Church doctrine, on my chew and coffee, he said there are those that have and are more guilty of worse sins. He then said its good your here, as you truly are the Wolf amongst the Sheep, and he said sometimes the Sheep needs to be pushed off their complacency a bit. After that the Wolf part stuck. I started doing Dixie Diesel Radio again at 104.3 KSOP in Salt Lake, then on KOAL out of Price Utah. When in 2001 after the air squad was formed here in nearby Jerome my on radio went from RodeWolf to AyreWolf and its stayed that way ever since. 
Many of you might have noticed I'm not on air tonight, reason? I got the Hershey trots really bad, and as such taking the night off. But I'll be back on at 17:00 Tuesday night.

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