Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Have you ever noticed that the amount of Likes on facebook you get on one of you pages or groups is equal to the

If your the casual consumer of things Facebook this might have slipped your wolf senses. However if your one that uses Facebook to do business this might interest you. 
The amount of likes your page or group you get on Facebook is equal to the amount of money you spend with Facebook on boosting or advertising you do with Facebook. Do like I did , pull your ads and cancel any ongoing promotion, and oops there goes the likes. To me its like having a classic truck or in our case warbyrd. Don't matter none how much paint or graphics its got, if its a pos, then it remains a pos, or at least not due many looks or in the case of Facebook , likes. 
Of course and we're usually the ones adding this, but if the whatever isn't spurring any attention, some idiot will add some porn or near porn image to a post or page. 
I tested this theory about late November 2017, put a pic 
on some group called Good Old Days, got some 9,000 likes, kept many a administrator awake with phone call notices. (glad I ain't got one of those kinds of smartphones,) That didn't cost me a cent. Now then when it comes to advertising on Facebook. I don't mind doing that if and only if its doing me any good. Or the good of the WolfPack. But when those ads fall on blind eyes, and the exchange is low if any exchange at all, I pull the ad. I fully understand that to make money, you have to spend money, to gain awareness you need to put some serious eye candy to the ad, for AyreWolfFM/Maximum Overdrive Radio I'm good to and for doing that, but this patching crap from all over the web just to fill space is getting shit canned. That's why I made the decision to get involved with a prosumer photographer, and web site designer, that's why I'm bringing in some outside brainiacs to get this what we do, out there doing it great instead of just okay. 
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