Saturday, January 6, 2018

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do, and, spammers are extremely stupid

I was consulted this afternoon by one of my toew bro's about the concept, that if I believed(which I do) that most northeners are running a few mental oil quarts low, why I don't just move south? After all have a old friend in Clarksdale Mississippi, that owns a groovy radio station to get me into that groove, the entrance requirements of me going towing there are low, and the ROI is greater. The reason? Simply money. I can't afford to make that much of a move. However been really thinking on it lately. My son Mike is in Kentucky and could get me in a good house, and has a few places for LexiBelle and my rigs, so might be looking on that come early 2019. For now I'm here. On the idea that few here know not what they do.
Example; had a great kid and he is just that an 18 year old kid, that visited with me Thursday night while I was prepping to go on air. Kayden is smart as a whip, able, but two guys in a studio as small as ours wont cut it, plus his view or views on things are not as Confederate Rebel as ours and mine. Be that as it is; the head up the ass, not in my town or backyard attitude that I have seen in these here parts, especially lately is killing the ability to shift into 2nd gear something that could put some serious green in the jeans of many area residents. But because Maximum Overdrive and the rest of what we do in media is ran by a rebel, MC/aviation group, nobody or hardly anyone without a serious extroverted mind wouldn't and wont get involved. The real tragedy is its killing or hindering something that is a real eye opener and mind expansion element for many northeners. The real thing here is this, I have a bunch of mess's to clean up here, so that's my main objective for this year. 
I thought that Chandra was going to finally come to her senses and from the talks with her mom, thought that was on the next horizon. Thing is her lack of contact or even having her public defender contact me, makes me just ask, why bother? If she wants me or the Knytes's / WolfPack involved the ball is in her hands she can run with it or fumble it, I'm not begging.
Big Jon, is not going to fart around with things like Indian Rick did. Nor myself. What ever we get involved in, especially if it involves spending Club funds had better produce results, or we're shit canning it. Just today, I visited a local school here wishing to get something going along the lines of history classes starting to teach both sides of the conflict of Northern Invasion/oppression(Civil War), you'd have thought I'd have went in there naked. First it was come to the office and two get the hell out and stay out. And they say they want people to get involved with our schools. Only get involved if the subject agrees with current Yankee policy. Not with southern intelligence. 
The end run here, western minds are still up their behinds, and it grinds. 
On the subject of spammers.
Saw this spam note in my spam box, I looked since I'm expecting a email that might be filed there. Hey its Gmail. Any mile, the notice said , its come to our attention your account needs attention. Trouble is the bank they said they were from, I have never had an account in, and most likely never will. 
Coming in my final here; will be on air at noon, today, join us then.

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