Saturday, January 13, 2018

Don't cry for our loss Celebrate the life of our Fallen warrior

Kieth Roberts Junior of Layton Utah was born October 8th 1957 in Bountiful Utah. Amongst just a short few he was one of those who went to Mrs, Jacobson's Pack 303 Cub Scout troupe in Layton Utah where the blocks of the foundation of what is today the Iron Knytes Association the Knytes side of KnyteWolf Media. 
The Knytes have always based our policies and structure on the mythical populas of the Klingon's of Star Trek canon. As such its Strength, Duty, Tradition. And the circle of honor that unites the Knytes as an organization. In that tradition part we believe, that rather than be blue or sad that Kieth is gone, since he is still in our hearts and in Knytes Hall, in his chair at all times, that we should celebrate his life and what he brought into the club, as well as into our lives. As for me, besides Jonny, it was hard to put to have a day when Kieth was not on the phone, some days for hours with me, growing up we played with our tiny cars and trucks, rode our pedal bikes and caused as much riff raff as we could, from setting of fire alarms to get out of school, to stealing soda pop from Mr. Willy's garage to apples out of old man Willy's orchard, not because we couldn't afford these things but because we could. When my parents decided to relocate here to Hazzard Idaho in 1972 Jonny, Kieth and I helped move, Jonny went back home to Utah, Kieth's folks bought property below Banbury Springs and moved here. Kieth and I went to school, souped up tractors, hot wired school bus's and in 1977 entered into the Marines together. All the time united as Knytes, united in mind and soul. In 1990 Kieth re-enlisted out of economic need and was stationed near Iraq. I followed in 1991 and remained there through 1995, when I took a trainers opening at a joint op at Hill Air Force Base Utah one that involved both the USAF and USMC. In 1998 moved to Goon's Ferry Idaho, to work on a joint op at MHAFB Mountain Home, left in 2000 and left in 2001 back to Utah. Formerly left active duty in 2005 and remained in active reserve until 2009. Was discharged in 2009, yet Kieth remained fully active and still united with me as a Knyte. Kieth was as much as I was in forming the WolfPack, and re-enabling the radio network. Thank goodness for Skype, cell phones and to a small degree both Blogger and Facebook, as we kept in touch. Kieth was an aviator first, biker second road trucker warrior third and united both as a Knyte and Confederate honor. Kieth may not be here in body but he remains here in spirit and in our hearts. His cut will remain on his chair at Knytes Hall. 
Okay on a slightly higher note;
A week ago, with being tweaked about Malwarebytes I uninstalled the computer gizmo and installed AVG in its place. Except even with AVG being on a trial basis, it detected issues , but if you wanted to get rid of the verimen that perplexed your computer you had to pay for AVG, its called bait and switch. Free my ass. So yesterday I uninstalled that reinstalled the free version of Malwarebytes and computer is running about as good as it used too. My advice avoid AVG like the plague that it is.
See ya'll tonight on radio.

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