Friday, January 12, 2018

Congrats to us, getting up in the morning has its advantages, we are now the Radio partner to BIZTalk Radio

To begin this mornings rant before I head to bed so I'm fresh and a ready teddy for tonights radio episode, I need to give myself and our HazzardAyre/AyreWolf Maximum Overdrive crew a salute for a job well done. See I found out that KnyteWolf Media and all our stations here in the mountain west will be carrying BizTalk Radio. Yes the same programs that many see on BizTV, will air through audio legally on all our stations. What's even better is the slight chance and this has me stoked, that I just might get to spend a bit of quality even if it is on national TV , with Alex Wherley. Yes that luxious blonde expert on all things business on Business Rockstars. To say my pants did a little dance is an understatement. That all said, this has not came easy. In fact its been difficult, but it goes with two things my Mom taught and said to me that has stuck. One was, Mom used to say, " People die in bed, get up and get things done." You can't be a success, in any kind of enterprise if you sleep all day or just lie in bed. The only job that lets you do that is being a prostitute. Or fatally ill. Beyond that if you want to advance in a business or be vital to a business as a employee, and especially one in the C level, you have to be awake. You just can't stay in bed. But America seems to have been accustomed to being lazy. Few executives and even fewer outside of say blue collar or agriculture get up before 10:00 AM and even fewer before 8:00AM. What's the magic in sleeping all the frigging time? All I get is a numb bum and aching calves. I have to get up, and I only crash when my fingers get sore, muscles get sore or can't focus my eyes anymore. Then I hit the bunk. Beyond that I'm plugging away. I don't stay up all night on Facebook, and I certainly don't spend all my time flogging the dog, nope I get at it. Which goes with my Mom's other saying, " If you want to get on your feet,  get off your butt." Don't expect President Trump or the damn Government to do it for you. Want decent healthcare in the months to come when states roll back Medicaid, work for a company like KnyteWolf Media that has a good solid Health Care insurance package. Want money to pay rent and bills best get a job, as I expect, that Trump is going to order the Social Security Administration to start examining current and especially new disabilty receivers and claims. Look he's going to get the money for that wall and fix the deficit somehow, and if bumping a bunch of dead beats off the Government payroll so be it. It might take a year or it could come as early as 6 months but as for me I ain't waiting, and getting my butt in gear here this year to get off SSI,and make my gigs pay me is numero uno on my list of priorities. And if that takes me moving into a better place for our station, and reducing my costs so be it. 
With the introduction of us to BizTalk Radio and Business Rockstars, and me getting a bit of bump and grind action with Ms. Wherley 
 so be it, this could be the big time TV interview for and of KnyteWolf Media and that should get angel investors interested and shazzam, our radio op goes big time. National exposure, heavy duty jumpstart. But again this happened because I didn't stay in bed and kept on the phone until I got in touch with the right person. 
Now something I'm missing on two fronts and why we have quiet on air for two days. The first is the loss of our 3rd Exec VP Kieth. Who was gunned down at a Gas-N-Go in Boise, who died Monday afternoon. The second reason, and thanks to Mick and all on American Hogs and Indian's for their involvement , but Yesterday the 11th of January was the day, Pappy Boyington the creator of our squadron passed away some 30 years ago. As such I kept the station of air here in a night of silence to honor Pappy. 
Until tonight.
L8R Aviators,


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