Sunday, July 1, 2018

And then there is always those empty handshakes

And then there are always those empty feeling congenial handshakes. There is a major difference in what is meant for true brotherly love and that which is genuinely given, and then there are those that the Bishopric and counselors give before services. I relate this to you not to bring feelings of guilt , but of the idea where, some improvement could be made. Now I'm not a big celebrity, just a very minute one. That said I make a bunch of folks nerviss in some situations. I do not socialize well, and I pick friends VERY carefully, and trust even fewer. Those I do trust and truly love are those who have earned my loyalty, respect, and again my trust. Here I have Kathleen and her family, they earned my adoration and love, in my old Ward in Evanston, I had the Bishop, and especially Vern Cox and Dave McFaden (I hope I spelled that right.) In any case, Dave was my home teacher, and although his visits were not often, when he did show up it was quality. Many times he came to my rescue on my cable or some odd bill, so did our Bishop. I hated asking but at times my back was against the wall. The shop costed me big time, but it also made good money at times. So I never was in way too much over my head, but that's not everything they did. There was many times my ego, and spirit needed lifting there and as such the Ward really provided. Then there was the incident of thinking one young lady needed a wardrobe change when going to Church, I never wore a suit nor tie, and hardly ever wore a white shirt , although just before I left there a year and month ago, I'm just not a shirt and tie type. I believe only time for that is when they plant me while sitting in LexiBelle, when I die, beyond that a shirt and tie represents squares and the establishment that I am fully against. I just don't jive with the dominion of both religion of Government and nd society as it is. Nope, I want to be free, and freedom for me is just to be comfortable, not stressed to live up to some bogus standard. Then there was Vern, who came over and we could talk about tech things as well as FCC and radio thinngs, although he was admitingly had a touch of some bogus label of mental disorder. What disorder that he had room in his heart to care for and about others besides himself? Not only did that family adopt me , and sat me down with them at Church and all parts of service be it Priesthood, Sunday School class even Dave's wife got along with me and several times I came to her rescue in Sunday School class when she would submit a concept or question, but was seemingly getting ignored. Yes there were assholes there true, but they were of a lesser degree than what I have seen here in Swendell, why can't Swendell's Ward, cozy up with me a bit more? I don't have flys sticking on my butt, I showr and bathe and keep clean. Sure and its no big secret I put Skoal between my cheek and gum, Bishop Hiatt knew it and would chastise me for it, but did not harbor on it. Here it seems that because I ride a bike and am the VP of a 1%'rs Outlaw MC, that oh I must be evil I am set aside and not in a good way. Again its an empty handshake. Then there was the gig of going to Deseret Industries. Sure I had my instructions there, but between training Angel, and no fuel to go to Twin Falls everyday that was not a feasble plan. Yes I thank them for the help on many rent payments and some utility bills, but I needed more like some one on one counseling. Only Kathleen has gave that here, the Bishopric and his minion, have yet to visit and minister as its called now. This is why I don't trust the leaders of the Church, there are other reasons of course, but dropping home teaching was a bad decision. Did the Lord not say go forth and teach everyone? Even if they don't reguly attend Sunday meeting? Ever since President Hinckley bit the sand, the Church has not had a steady hand at the tiller of the Church. They did it wrong here. Oaks should be President of the Church. Enough of my daily sermon here, but there's lessons to be learned here. I'm not perfect, I surly sin, I have an abundance of iniquities and hunger for things of carnal nature. I'll admit that, but I also teach everyone and anyone that wants to hear the Lords scripture and voice. I do this through my gift of gab on the radio, on TV, and in my blogs, The Lord is always by my side, and as Kathleen said it, and a young country music teen said it in her signature song, I let God hold the wheel, If its his will it will be done, and I'm comfortable with that.
Until Next Tim my fellow Wolvez.

Just why can't we have that here?

I often wonder and ask myself, why can't we have that here? Example; the LDS Ward in Evanston Wyoming that I attended , would for those that did not attend or found it due to health reasons could not attend services on Sunday, would worship at home, and the Ward delivered and gave the prayer then allowed that inactive member the ability to have sacrament or consume the Lords supper as some call it. My question is , why can't or isn't done here in say Swendell Idaho. It's not that I hate some of the people in our ward here, because I don't. In fact I forgive all of them as the Lord commands Us to do, its even in the Lords's Prayer it says, Forgive those who trespass on us as the Lord shall forgive us. We all sin, you can't live in today's society and not sin, somewhere nor can you be a mortal human and not sin. It's impossible. We are not a perfect species. Only our Heavenly Father is perfect. Unlike our Ward in Wyoming, this one here, is a bit too judgemental and condemns those who they feel is not of their level, ether economically or some otherwise. I can't go to Church and yet feel Welcome and not be self conscience. I don't enjoy being judged by anyone except the Lord himself. There will be time for that when I'm getting my ass kicked on that final judgement day. But it wont be by no human. I will say that I appreciated the feller who mowed my lawn yesterday from next door. But its a bit too much for way too late, by weeks end my feet will be propped up in Jerome Idaho rather than Swendell. I'm not saving that much money wise since I will have to rent another place to do radio etc, but my mind will be relieved since I wont have to feel that every eye in town is on me. The other day however I came up with the reason that Jerome is finally reaching a state of improvement. Unlike Swendell, Jerome has a very active Chamber-of-Commerce. and an active B2B networking community. This means the ability to connect with others, so I can teach what I know, and learn from others what I don't business wise. Jerome has a local newspaper there, plus a host of things that Swendell, fails to attract. Why? because Swendell has way too many people here that are quick to Judge, rather than those who are willing to jump in and roll up their sleeves, open their wallets and say how can we help? Next week is not Testimony meeting so I wont be so motivated to stand up and open my mouth and say what I feel, plus lie. I can't stand up and say that I fully trust President nelson of the Church, I can't get up and say I Trust the leaders of the Church, except for one, Dalin Oaks is the only one that I feel has a grip on things, not any of the rest of them. Yes I know The Church is the true Church of the Earth, yes I know the teachings of the Church is spot on, I can say for sure the Lord does miracles, and sometimes I know that because of free agency those miracles go ary, such as the oops of Angel and all that happened there. Yes I know I fuggled up by not going to Deseret Industries to work, because I remained on station here training Angel, even though that went to shits. But I will not go to a Ward, where its me that get's judged. Hey as I said, I forgive, but I don't forget. Just the value of one of those pianos would feed several poor people in the community for years, some of those cars parked outside, makes me wonder, about how all too many walked for days to hear the Lords Sermon on the Mount. As for my long hair, drabby clothes and my beard, wonder if John the Baptist would be welcome at this Ward, or for that matter the Lord himself. If God himself walked in, said who he was, would he have to show it by a miracle? Or even a state issued pictured ID? 
Terrible Ain't it, that's why I don't go to Church any more than I need to. I don't go where I'm not wanted.
See Ya'll on air at 18:00 on, 
L8R Ya'll

Thursday, June 14, 2018

This is why more people are going to WordPress paid or not
Our new SheWolf had a complete article hammered out and went to save and send when the entire piece was lost. Both she and I are pissed. Since I have for the majority been using WordPress, albeit its made a few mistakes, overall, there has been no loss of content. Yet here it was. Perhaps a bit of inexperience of Blogger was the problem, yet shouldn't Blogger a Google product have at least saved the original draft? Instead it took her to a review page. Piss on this, and this is what I'm paying money for? Maybe there needs to be a rethink, here. Blogger has pushed away so many platforms that the Alphabet company feels is a threat. She was doing a piece on Gender bias regarding the concept of older versus younger romantic pursuits. Should it matter how old or how young to a certain level, one should look to recruiting and sustaining a relationship of a personal level? She's going to re do it for Friday's edition of AyreWolf Radio, heard on: Join us for that.
Until Later Aviators

Monday, March 19, 2018

Is your domicile safe? Has the three pigs invaded your Wolf's Den?

Was it a ghost? Or by the hand of man? Consider, yesterday evening got home from Kathleen's place only to find that ye old Mable was on, and online. Did I arrive home a bit too soon. The scent of foreign parfume and cologne was in the air, alerting me to the fact that I had nearly caught an invader or at least a snoopy twerp. So was up until near 03:00 replacing files and doing diagnostics. Now the results if I had truly caught a invader would have been fatal. I will not call the law since that where I'm at is useless. If you want the law enforced in Gooding County Idaho, you enforce it yourself. Too many boy scouts with overpriced firearm toys here. No real idea how to do anything. It wasn't always this way. While Earl Brown was the Sheriff here years ago, Earl wore the badge but did much less. The real cop work here was between maybe 5 here, Bill Bunn, Dale Bunn, Chuck Minard, and Deputy Steve. The last one was my Dad, and in reserve me. I know how to shoot, and have no problems in pulling the trigger, the vermin we have on two legs in the area, is greater than any getto neighborhood in Utah or nearby city. So snagged a few hours of sleep time, got up to finish my engineering so that Kathleen and associates could stop by do their magic on me then do a radio show, which is what I'm doing now.
So then got an inquiry from SSI and DoD. Seems as though someone leaked some grease to the feds on the arrangement between PoohBear , Me, and the WolfPack. Meaning a freeze on the green or a severe decrease on the oil that keeps the engines of the WolfPack going. But all was not lost, a friend of mine that has a two seater duster, dropped by, asked if I wanted to go up on a few passes, of course I said, does a Coyote shit on the desert? And as it was, for a few hours was able to truly reach out and touch the face of God. 
L8R Aviators

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Don't bytch about the problem , try being part of the solution.

So got off air and for shyts and giggles bummed another computer and listened in on yesterdays show. As usual the feud of software between my computer and's continues. As long as I play programming out of external sources such as my tape decks etc it sounds super, but use the track player that pulls pieces from my computer and interfaces with the damn thing echos. I had that problem once with Spreaker in Evanston, Wyoming, to the point that one of their people finally called me and we tried for days to fix the problem. Seems as though the unheard thing here is you need to have a battery of computers to stream on  (.) Now if this were the case say like on I would agree, yet this was not the problem on Livestream, I never had an echo on Livestream. So why doesn't admit there's a problem, and go in and rewrite software to solve the problem? But that's only part of the situation. And its rampant all over FakeBook. For every topic on there, you will find maybe if your lucky 1 or two possible solutions, the rest will be from people who only know how to bytch, yet have no answer or solution to the problem your having. I've seen this on all kinds of groups and or pages. Some service tech asks for a bit of tech help, fixing a truck, maybe two have an answer, the rest on there just want to joke or insult the guy needing help. My parents, grandparents and all used to say if ya'll can't say something nice or beneficial, shut the heck up. As for the stations sound, yes I know it needs help, going through a different system like say Live365, might help, but I looked at their set up, and it was a nightmare to set up. Where-as when I set up Spreaker, it took maybe an hour, and I was on air. Now to be fair to Spreaker, yes it is their problem, but I had it nearly cured prior to the move here to Wendell Idaho from Evanston Wyoming. During the move Ole Bessie and radio gear did get bounced around a bit, settings went askew and I have had problems since. Not to mention the turtles speed IP connection. Time to call in experts, hey I fix motorcycles and tow, I'm not a computer geek.
As I close this morning; I noticed something last night before I went to bed. As I turned completely off my tiny laptop, and the wifi CenturyLink Modem stopped flashing for a few seconds then started up. With my computer off, no traffic should have been the condition, and as such no flashing on the modem from CenturyLink. With it flashing I knew someone was piggy backing or hacking my wifi, and using it for themselves. Now you may say hey , " You did that with your lady racing friend in Gooding" Yes I did, but I first told her I was, two I helped pay for her service and three did chores to help her. So it wasn't like I was stealing it. That said someone in my neighborhood is plundering my wifi, which is fine, but they're going to be tweaked when it goes silent in two and a half weeks, guess they'll have to get their own. Now you may ask do you have proof of their plundering? Yes and no, can I point to the culprit? No. But seems when certain neighbors are in Church, in bed or at school my speed increases, however when the rug rats and porch monkeys are at home and awake and they're stuck inside my bandwidth and speed decreases. Don't take Sherlock Holmes to figure it out.
So in close to those on Internet places on FakeBook and others, am I aware the network streams sound like crap, but we are working hard to fix the malady, and instead of bytch, elect to help fix. 
See Ya'll on air at 09:00 MST

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Wolf Bark for Saturday Morning, Am I the last intelligent person in radio or on the planet

Well good Saturday morning, time for my lazy can to get out of bed , considering I've been in part vacation mode for three days. 
Went over to Evanston Wyoming to scout on some new digs for KSOA(formerly KEVA) AM 1240 there, and our new FM Companion there 107.7 KSOA FM there of. With that my fave lady and I decided to transport ourselves via horseback,(been years since I have been on a 4 leg horse) and go up to the transmission towers there just outside WoodRuff Utah on the Wyoming desert. So we get there, do some slight repairs, Syd knows tools, and so it was night. So Syd and I roasted some marshmelows and talked on life. In short a nice time to be had by all.
Okay then, as you all know we have been in talks with the people who produce Business Rockstars. This is both a TV and Radio show, that discuss's things pertaining to small and medium start up business's. Something that many of you who snag gears and consume diesel are into. After all Owner Operator Truckers are the second largest SMB seconded to by only the home country farmers, in America. So now we are into the final stretches of signing the papers and getting this on all four of our regional stations. Yet there seems to be crap over crap on a cracker getting there, much more so, than when we signed up with the Overdrive Truckers News/Top Ten Countdown in 1998. Both were done on a barter, we aired they sent programming, we sold ads on it, they aired their ads on our station free, both of us were happy. Two weeks prior to airing Overdrive Radio, sent us liners or program ID's along with the shows music bed so we could build our own ID's for the shows. That's where Bill Mack aka Midnight Cowboy?WBAP out of Texas, could not say our call letters KTOW right, it was always saying like COW, not Toe, as in KAY-TOW/KTOW. Okay then but here we are dancing with Radio One. Now I don't know, maybe its the fact that the people who work and book through Radio One, for Business Rockstars as well as BIZTalk Radio, of which the only reason we even looked at them was two shows, of course Business Rockstars and Dan Cilia. Past those two, quite really BIZRadio, has no interest. How about A TV show of and about Truckers and trucking, remember friends if you got it a truck brought it, or at least hauled it. What about production Agriculture, hey we all need to eat. Nope you see little TV and or radio any more on Agri-business. Used to be when I was a wolf pup, when I'd be eating my oatmeal ready to walk and I mean walk the 4 miles to school, all there was on Radio was farm news. What happened? Sure we went urban, but still don't anyone care where their food comes from? But I'm getting off track. What is HazzardAyre(air) Radio has 4 of our original stations on air again, with 5 others we sold years ago ready to refire in central Utah, western Nevada, Western Oregon, and southwestern Washington. Is it that hard to look at our website at which is being rebuilt by our biker friend in Florida , as well as do a Google search for anything HazzardAyre or HazzardAyre Radio, heck for a short time HazzardAyre even had a Wikipedia listing. Or for that matter look up AyreWolf Aviation, AyreWolfFM? It's not the fact we are obscure, just too many people don't know how to spell. Or spell Confederately. Is it that we do support today's Confederacy? In educating people who do not know about the truths that all too many want to disguard or throw under the bus? We are about to sweep up 5 more stations other than the ones we already have, KVSI out of Montpelier Idaho, one out of Jackson Hole Wyoming, one that went silent in Tremonton Utah one that we abandoned in American Falls Idaho, one just outside of Arco Idaho. The bottom line, thanks to the FCC getting rid of two regs, paper filings and resident studios, our towers and transmitters can be anywhere, all needs to be in the towns of license is a small office and a decent internet connection. With our expansions of footprint, you'd think that Business RockStars and those who distribute it and all the rest, would quit dancing around and just send me a contract so we can get em on the air. Sure I'm a big fan of Alex Wehrley she is one of the most gifted radio/TV interviewers second to only Howard Stern that I have ever heard or seen. Granted we are the most rebellious and radical radio group ever, one that is not against the idea of fighting the system, and yes we do play in politics, but then and I can't understand the objection , since I can point to several of BIZTV/BIZTALK Radio's shows that do to, and yes we are a bit more aggressive than most. But when all to many stations, and program networks have gone dark, have lost the love of radio, and have lost the fondness of just going out to their trucks radio turned it on and took a listen, to radio, well we are there. LIVE for the most part, 24/7/365, especially when there's bad weather. Know of a better news and/or weather spotter, than a tow trucker out there with a cell phone and a mini cam? We did it right, we still do, from every point across America, HazzardAyre Radio, Maximum Overdrive, and Talking Toews is in the air somewhere, either over the air, or online through or . 
As I quit writing, go to taking a needed bath and getting ready to go on air to wake ya'll up on this Saturday, when I got in yesterday morning, I went in took off my clothes and went to bed, Did not wake up until 02:30 that's 2:30 AM for you none military folks out there, and I hit my bunk. Thanks to my crews for going on air and keeping you in the groove. Again , are we the only radio group doing it right? And two am I and my staff the only intelligent persons in radio? 
See ya'll in a few on KTOW FM and of course online on just look for KnyteWolf Radio 

Sunday, February 4, 2018

When did dedicated become not dedicated but pirated? When its done by neighbors who don't have it.

If you ask why am I not yet on air here right now? It's because the so called Dedicated connection to all things Internet is not all that Dedicated or secure. It just might and I say might be due to nearby neighbors who don't have tapping into the flow. Reason I say this? When they are not home or asleep the flow is much faster, fewer glitches and a better stream, both down as well as up. When they are home, or awake things slow down, which is why I try to time the hours on air as well as online to when the neighbors are as said awake and or home, such as school hours, weekdays during overnight hours, and as well as weekends while they are at Church. Makes one wonder why the heck I'm still here at all. I said in April last year after I had to give up going to NAB because of PoohBear, and subsequently left me, that if I moved here to western Idaho from Wyoming that I didn't want to be kicking myself in the arse in a year. Guess what I'm not only kicking myself in the arse, I'm also beating myself up. Sure its warmer here weather wise, but everything else is much colder, the supposedly advancement that was sold to us as an organization as well as myself isn't that advanced. Sure Evanston Wyoming wasn't and isn't a hot bed of intelligence or advanced technology , however experts are an hour even in the worse weather away. Salt Lake City, as well as Provo, which has the title of the Silicon Valley of the Mountains. Every one said ah but Idaho's taxes are so much lower, really? Then why am I paying through the stratosphere in rent? Sure I did have a section 8 over there which gave me some wiggle room, but because I left much sooner than I wanted to, due to promises made by Cable-One that I forgot to give notice I was moving and as such , lost the section 8. So now have to pay full rent price.  All this said I relocated for a stupid reason to renew my licenses, and two for PoohBear. PoohBear needs some serious mental reconditioning. She blames everyone for her screw ups. Sure I could do that, and I'd be justified in doing so, but when I screw up, I admit it, apologize to anyone I offended and move on. Example and its another part of this here. 
Last October I had a oppurtunity to move in with a slightly older woman down in Hollister Idaho. The $200.00 a month with utilities was a no brainer. But Shelly says don't do it. But I still had every intention to doing so, especially when the local fuzz showed up, when Shelly called em and said she was locked in my bathroom. Really? In reality Shelly was 2500 miles away in Florida, then she says the neighbors caused it. Really, the neighbors didn't care. Then a gal from back east somewhere named Tracy was coming out, Shelly was all in a uproar, but hey I needed the second income to maintain operations, and two the troubles in the neighborhood was getting a bit much. Then Friday eve I go to the Depot Grill, learn from one of our Sister Wolvez that PoohBear had texted her over Facebook, in a rather threatening manner. Most of the time I'd let this go, but I have heard this from way too many people, especially women whom PoohBear considers a threat to our domestic tranquility. If her and I are to stay together, after April, headed to a June/July marriage, its going to depend on 4 things, continued dues to the WolfPack, two; serious counseling to get over some very serious mental trauma , and cure this terrible lack of self worth and self confidence. Heck just overnight last night her texts and such , if I showed those to authorities which I have kept, they'd lock her up for attempted suicide or harm to herself and others, the things I have seen her write, whew, let's call it felony city. But I stay with her because she has stayed loyal to me, and the WolfPack, and because I love her, if I didn't I would have ejected from this burning aircraft months ago. But to be safe I am looking for somewhere that I, and I alone can afford. That way if I have to bail, I can do so and still keep a roof over my head. 
Any flyte will see ya'll at 13:00 after Church today on, KTOW FM 105.7 

Saturday, January 27, 2018

The day rolls in and I roll out I truly am a KnyteWolf.

Another radio show done and in the bucket as they say, had a good one, last night and although couldn't talk much with this blooming head cold, I muddled through as any Confederate Marine would do so I did.
For some odd reason , can't get that vision of that little young seatcover at Simerly's out of my head. Usually these kinds of sightings just hit then they're gone in just a few hours or minutes, not this time. When I see little candy toes in purple hose with shoes off, just asking to be attended to, it just throws off my equaliberium off. 
Then there was Marsha down there. Sure she's looking for a place for her son and all but why did she give me her phone number? Was that an invite? That big nugget on her left ring finger usually says no, but is she looking? Or am I just over thinking it? Any way life goes on. Still looking at renting Mrs. Smith's shop come February maybe March, depends on funds, Shelly doesn't know if she's ready to cut the cord and not be nursing that hind teat, of Mom and Brother and Florida, which makes it hard for me to plan anything. Look I love Shelly almost as much as I do my toew truck LexiBelle, course there is nothing I love on Earth more than LexiBelle. But there are times that I think should have ignored that pm on FB, last May. Had I done so I wouldn't have moved here to Western Idaho, gave up section 8 housing help, gained another shop and worse of all, be as far away from my LexiBelle, plus could have made some good money going toewing with my own truck pocketing the whole toew fee, instead of just 10% of it as I do now. 
Speaking of Lexi's. Caught two phone calls from two of the important Lexi's in my life. One from Miss Johnson, seems she heard of Boars Nest West and wants a shot at being queen bee of it, considering that. Then out of sheer surprise the name sake of my toew truck calls, seems as though my daughter wants to get in touch. Reminding me she turns 30 this year, damn that made me feel old. Last time I saw her she was still hammering away on a passifier. Marlena turns 30. Might have to venture over there mid month March. 
So my clock is off, I sleep days, work nights. This all started about the time I got LexiBelle. See back then 70% of your really good money making toews came anywhere from 01:30 to 04:00. So rather than going to bed only to have to get up to answer a call, as back then LexiBelle, owned all of U.S.-30 and U.S. 93 all the way into Nevada to Contact Nevada. So when the Hazzard Knytes elected to fire up their own radio station due to the pig headed attitudes of all other media here, and the fact I gave my middle finger to many of the other locally owned radio stations here and kicked their ass's ratings wise, I opted to do the overnight shift on radio, if I caught a toew Kathy Dodge would venture up to the house and babysit the station till I got back. The same thing too was that down at the shop, both Jimmy and I could get real work done on rods and customs. No other interuptions. We'd only break to scoot up to Bliss for a cup of java at the Oxbow and served by one of the Exon twins. That was back when all of Bliss operated 24/7/365. I nailed one of the Exon girls Bro snagged one, Jimmy was after the other. You had to be here then, those Exon girls were true princess's if there ever was any. I'm going to have to find out what happened to them. But I've always loved being up at night, sleep days, it don't make me devilish or sinister, just means my circadian  rhythm is off and as hard as I try can't reset that clock. Course the time shifts twice a year don't help either. 
Any mile, need to catch some sleep have church down at the rock today an 11:00 hours, and will be there until 17:00. 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

So what if there was no PoohBear or such?

So Thursday night into Friday here, got off air early because PoohBear failed to call. Might be she just fell asleep or might be she's pissd about something else that is more like a fantasy or imagined crisis. Always seems that way, mostly concerning her evil Aunt, or something. Earlier in the night she was barking about something on the idea that her Evil Aunt was going to lock her up , because she would give her Aunt her Amscot card. Really? Unless PoohBear ain't telling me everything about that shitty card, there's no crime committed so what's her Aunt snarling about? 
Then PoohBear was saying something about coming out early, that her Mom & Brother needed to come out here as well. This time as the last time this was mentioned, which was when we resided in Evanston, I told her, forward me money and I'll secure a place, right behind mine. All of which makes me think that PoohBear is scared of venturing so far out from Mom and Brothers protective arm. PoohBear has never been completely untethered from her Mom, and when it comes to money , well that's another thing. Which after a consult with one of my cabinet, thought of what if there was no PoohBear? What if she believed any of that dick waving contest from those hecklers from that aviation group on Facebook? Bottom line I'm looking for a place, that I, and I alone can afford, by myself. Just in case, PoohBear gets cold feet on hitching up with me. Which really puts me in a mess, since, 90% of the reason I gave up my section 8 voucher for housing, left LexiBelle in Cold Wyoming, and blew up a car, not to mention countless threats to my life and going in debt that I don't know how I'll get out, plus gave up a perfect situation as far as living down in Hollister Idaho, just to satisfy my PoohBear. If in fact she really is My PoohBear. That like so much on that damn Facebook might be a mirage and not what it really is. Sure I could stomach living here in Wendell for a month or two, but it'd mean not going to NAB again this year and reversing the move and heading south east, maybe to Wyoming again. So will be looking for my own place down there this next month. 
Maybe I'm just not cut out to be hitched, maybe I need to just ride life's highway solo? Who knows? Thing is I have been solo most of my life, might as well live that way into the future. Might be overthinking this, but no call, that might be all.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Perhaps to prevent your computer from being infected is not read Komondos postings of how not to get infected.

I am starting to think, that one of the best ways, to not get a computer infected is to not visit or accept postings from Kim Komondo . If you look at her pages you see ads from powerinbox, with ads that you just know are filled with tracking and tons of virus filled malware. Which might be why I get all these computer problems. In the interest of keeping you informed on the air every day, starting at noon weekdays and running to midnight every day, I digest much amounts of information. However much of that comes with serious risk. Computer infections are at fever pitch right now. The reasons range from ISIS take over, USSR spying, to domestic financial collapse. While your Government money might be okay for now don't wait , as Trump and his buddies are looking at that too. Of course there is the fact that just a few and I mean few pages etc that are free from most malware and infections. It's not Google although there's is less these days, its not Yahoo. Since Yahoo got swallowed up by Verizon, its prevention is low, and its not Microsoft although they are trying. The biggest Malware? Facebook. Its not Facebook's fault. These scoundrels infect Facebook users with postings that redirect you to infected sites. My cell phone? Nope, my old flip phone that barely texts and takes pictures is 10 plus years old, nothing fancy, oh it was in its day, but its a phone. Which is what I need it to be a phone if I'm doing something computer-ish, I use a computer. My TV? Analog, with a converter, and over the air TV. As far as my house? Who needs to be that lazy, get off your butt and turn off the damn light. Quite honestly if I didn't need the Internet for the radio gig, I'd turn the damn thing off, and put the money into my bike. Which is why I wasn't on air overnight, Old Bessie's IT connection is still on the frits so need to call CenturyLink this morning again.
My final on this; want to not get as much virus infected Malware on your computer? Don't read Kim Komondo's webpage , its got tons of it.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

There's gotta be some really stupid peeps on the cyber highway Glad we are still together

There are times I have to think there has to be a very young naive and just no thinking population on the cyber highway. Dig this; I saw this spam mail in my trash stash from somebody named James Dobson. Now anyone that wasn't an older rider like myself might have bit on that letter. However, knowing James Dobson the fabled investment counselor from radio and TV and preacher, knows James Dobson, but the sand some 10 or so years ago. Yet some Granny somewhere might snaggle that and become a victim of cyber crime. Maybe that is what I'm here for? Since I have seen it all, read a lot, have lived a life many would commit murder for, is to inform the not all to tightly wrapped , on things they should be learning for themselves. Some suggest that much of this comes from the cyber or computer web system to begin with. I say if your only using your cyber device, to watch movies, tune into music and ratchet jaw with your so called(in reality they are not) friends on Facebook Instagram and others then your not really using the web as it was intended. Let's get down to it, if your only there to mess around with FB all the time and not knowing who you REALLY are chatting with are you really making friends? If you had a real crisis in your life, how many of those Facebook friends could you REALLY count on? Would any of them dig into their jeans pull out some green to help you? Then there are those trolling porn queens that are out there on FB that seems to sneak onto your group or organization Pages. I try to go through as many of ours as I can, to filter out and delete trollers as quick as I find them, but here's what happens. You click on the pic, then get redirected to a porn site, that has a herendious amount malware, adware, and invasionware built in. Once you download a pic the crap comes with it, right there in your computer kicking your cpu and all right in the head. My advice unless your damn sure who it is, and can see em on the street in YOUR home town, or a neighboring town, don't download it. Even if you catch a cyber glitch, if its from someone in your home town at least you can go kick their ass, if its from someone in Texas or Michigan or somewhere's long ways away, even if you do figure out who they is, going up against them in battle might prove to be a serious operation. Especially true when downloading software. I don't give a rats pubic hairs how secure the thing say's it is, most likely it ain't. If you need new stuff on your computer get the hard version, from a tech store and install it yourself. Even Micro-Crap and other updates. I'm not so sure I want to do that any more.
When it comes to FB and similar, with the changes coming to your FB newsfeed and all, are you sure you want to spend much time on FB anymore? Especially when FB restricts you to just how much of your favored or LIKED groups you can see and then barks if you want to go elsewhere. Social site they say. I call FB the cyber Commie Censored Site. There isn't anything social or community about it any more. Especially on the first or second week of the month on weekends. Reason, even the low income types are out getting sexed up and drunk, nothing or hardly anyone there on FB, its only about the middle of the month when the Government pay gets a bit lean or is gone that they're on there. The days of what we called the Web is going away, and for us here at KnyteWolf Radio we too are re-examining things, moving away from so much online webcasting to going back to over the air broadcasting, which isn't such a really bad idea since how many from the web are going to patronize the people that spend money on our station to tell you about themselves. 
More about a real shift here from more 18 wheels and less 2 wheels, next entry. Be on air at noon today Sunday after Church.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Don't cry for our loss Celebrate the life of our Fallen warrior

Kieth Roberts Junior of Layton Utah was born October 8th 1957 in Bountiful Utah. Amongst just a short few he was one of those who went to Mrs, Jacobson's Pack 303 Cub Scout troupe in Layton Utah where the blocks of the foundation of what is today the Iron Knytes Association the Knytes side of KnyteWolf Media. 
The Knytes have always based our policies and structure on the mythical populas of the Klingon's of Star Trek canon. As such its Strength, Duty, Tradition. And the circle of honor that unites the Knytes as an organization. In that tradition part we believe, that rather than be blue or sad that Kieth is gone, since he is still in our hearts and in Knytes Hall, in his chair at all times, that we should celebrate his life and what he brought into the club, as well as into our lives. As for me, besides Jonny, it was hard to put to have a day when Kieth was not on the phone, some days for hours with me, growing up we played with our tiny cars and trucks, rode our pedal bikes and caused as much riff raff as we could, from setting of fire alarms to get out of school, to stealing soda pop from Mr. Willy's garage to apples out of old man Willy's orchard, not because we couldn't afford these things but because we could. When my parents decided to relocate here to Hazzard Idaho in 1972 Jonny, Kieth and I helped move, Jonny went back home to Utah, Kieth's folks bought property below Banbury Springs and moved here. Kieth and I went to school, souped up tractors, hot wired school bus's and in 1977 entered into the Marines together. All the time united as Knytes, united in mind and soul. In 1990 Kieth re-enlisted out of economic need and was stationed near Iraq. I followed in 1991 and remained there through 1995, when I took a trainers opening at a joint op at Hill Air Force Base Utah one that involved both the USAF and USMC. In 1998 moved to Goon's Ferry Idaho, to work on a joint op at MHAFB Mountain Home, left in 2000 and left in 2001 back to Utah. Formerly left active duty in 2005 and remained in active reserve until 2009. Was discharged in 2009, yet Kieth remained fully active and still united with me as a Knyte. Kieth was as much as I was in forming the WolfPack, and re-enabling the radio network. Thank goodness for Skype, cell phones and to a small degree both Blogger and Facebook, as we kept in touch. Kieth was an aviator first, biker second road trucker warrior third and united both as a Knyte and Confederate honor. Kieth may not be here in body but he remains here in spirit and in our hearts. His cut will remain on his chair at Knytes Hall. 
Okay on a slightly higher note;
A week ago, with being tweaked about Malwarebytes I uninstalled the computer gizmo and installed AVG in its place. Except even with AVG being on a trial basis, it detected issues , but if you wanted to get rid of the verimen that perplexed your computer you had to pay for AVG, its called bait and switch. Free my ass. So yesterday I uninstalled that reinstalled the free version of Malwarebytes and computer is running about as good as it used too. My advice avoid AVG like the plague that it is.
See ya'll tonight on radio.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Congrats to us, getting up in the morning has its advantages, we are now the Radio partner to BIZTalk Radio

To begin this mornings rant before I head to bed so I'm fresh and a ready teddy for tonights radio episode, I need to give myself and our HazzardAyre/AyreWolf Maximum Overdrive crew a salute for a job well done. See I found out that KnyteWolf Media and all our stations here in the mountain west will be carrying BizTalk Radio. Yes the same programs that many see on BizTV, will air through audio legally on all our stations. What's even better is the slight chance and this has me stoked, that I just might get to spend a bit of quality even if it is on national TV , with Alex Wherley. Yes that luxious blonde expert on all things business on Business Rockstars. To say my pants did a little dance is an understatement. That all said, this has not came easy. In fact its been difficult, but it goes with two things my Mom taught and said to me that has stuck. One was, Mom used to say, " People die in bed, get up and get things done." You can't be a success, in any kind of enterprise if you sleep all day or just lie in bed. The only job that lets you do that is being a prostitute. Or fatally ill. Beyond that if you want to advance in a business or be vital to a business as a employee, and especially one in the C level, you have to be awake. You just can't stay in bed. But America seems to have been accustomed to being lazy. Few executives and even fewer outside of say blue collar or agriculture get up before 10:00 AM and even fewer before 8:00AM. What's the magic in sleeping all the frigging time? All I get is a numb bum and aching calves. I have to get up, and I only crash when my fingers get sore, muscles get sore or can't focus my eyes anymore. Then I hit the bunk. Beyond that I'm plugging away. I don't stay up all night on Facebook, and I certainly don't spend all my time flogging the dog, nope I get at it. Which goes with my Mom's other saying, " If you want to get on your feet,  get off your butt." Don't expect President Trump or the damn Government to do it for you. Want decent healthcare in the months to come when states roll back Medicaid, work for a company like KnyteWolf Media that has a good solid Health Care insurance package. Want money to pay rent and bills best get a job, as I expect, that Trump is going to order the Social Security Administration to start examining current and especially new disabilty receivers and claims. Look he's going to get the money for that wall and fix the deficit somehow, and if bumping a bunch of dead beats off the Government payroll so be it. It might take a year or it could come as early as 6 months but as for me I ain't waiting, and getting my butt in gear here this year to get off SSI,and make my gigs pay me is numero uno on my list of priorities. And if that takes me moving into a better place for our station, and reducing my costs so be it. 
With the introduction of us to BizTalk Radio and Business Rockstars, and me getting a bit of bump and grind action with Ms. Wherley 
 so be it, this could be the big time TV interview for and of KnyteWolf Media and that should get angel investors interested and shazzam, our radio op goes big time. National exposure, heavy duty jumpstart. But again this happened because I didn't stay in bed and kept on the phone until I got in touch with the right person. 
Now something I'm missing on two fronts and why we have quiet on air for two days. The first is the loss of our 3rd Exec VP Kieth. Who was gunned down at a Gas-N-Go in Boise, who died Monday afternoon. The second reason, and thanks to Mick and all on American Hogs and Indian's for their involvement , but Yesterday the 11th of January was the day, Pappy Boyington the creator of our squadron passed away some 30 years ago. As such I kept the station of air here in a night of silence to honor Pappy. 
Until tonight.
L8R Aviators,


In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Iron Butterfly); Cover by Sina

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

There's just something more going on in that little house than someone just sleeping there

Imagine going to the local food store in your small rural town, and talking up a radio gig, only to have the clerk ask, I didn't know there was a radio station here in Wendell. Now imagine having a guest stop by and not have the foggiest notion, or the phone company show up without a clue. Yet if one were to get to the local grade school stop light, turn west on 3rd avenue, and breeze up a block and a half and look they would see 
 which is the Wendell Idaho Rode House of the Iron Knytes Association is located. At first not much to look at , however it surprises many who dare to enter in to find that there is a studio 
Yes it does surprise many especially the feminazi gender that also dares to enter within. Yet this is where HazzardAyre, Maximum Overdrive, AyreWolfFM, and SAMCRO MC Radio is produced and delivered. From here to a 150 foot stick on the western desert 20 miles west of Wendell, and the 125,000 watt FM signal, commands a footprint and delivering content like no other happens. With the only show on radio for us who tow yes the American Towing Professional, along with advice programs from fixing the finest food from the kountry, to Southern Heritage education and preservation, programs we do what only others wish they could do, but their boards of directors, stake holders and so on never let them serve the public. We do, the difference between us and those on other stations? Just like those we serve we drive 18 wheels, tow trucks, fly, and of course ride those big Harley's and Indian's. Add to that we are dedicated Confederate American's who aim to retain our southern kountry values from the farm to the interstate. There's an old adage that says, " Don't judge a book by its cover" In our case, don't determine what's inside from its humble outside. This little house 
has many surprises, some would do well to look inside.