Wednesday, November 21, 2018

All the hoopla over Christmas and why is it that I'm always sniffing feet?

All this hoopla over Christmas. Seems everwhere you look everyone is saying, Merry Christmas or Happy Thanksgiving, pretty hard to get festive over such things when your facing being homeless. I know that I'll rise above this with all 4 paws on the ground but you'd think Church types would dig in and help someone facing such a crisis this time of year. I don't like being helpless or asking anyone for anything, but this Cook crook, kept rasing rent amounts and conned me into this joint last June that it finally came to a head. Getting out from under that and all is not the depressing part, and I wonder what the Judge was thinking when he issued the eviction order, being the holidays and all especially Thanksgiving. Hard to get in touch with someone to pin down a place to live with all of that. But so it goes. It's really hard to concentrate or plan anything, thinking the omen of doom is on the horizon. Okay then onto something a bit lighter.
I have never figured out and there's been many of a head shrink that has tried to figure it out, but it always seems or should I say seams? that for some goofy reason, I'm always attracted to women's feet especially if they are wearing nylon hosiery of some sort. Sue our resident relationship advisor says its normal that all guys have some measure of a fetish, and that in the right idea that its healthy. However it always seams that anything with toes in hose or just toes are my weakness. Or aspiration depending on how you look at it. My main vocation outside of flying is Towing or as I spell it Toewing. One of the main steps into professionalism, on the radio op was in an office next to a foot doctor there in Evanston, Wyoming. I don't know if it was the fact that watching TV shows of the mid to late 1960's with all things leggy and in tights, or if it was a teacher that tutored me in 6th Grade, who wore skirts so short you could see everything or what it was or is, but put the right looking woman in nylons with the right set of legs, and she has me in her spell, and completely undivided attention. 

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Guess its not just me, seems as all of Facebook and Instagram is out of sorts this morning

Guess I'm not the only one. According to WISH TV and some reporting stations across the nation, it would seem that good old FakeBook, and Instagram is out of sorts this morning. Guess the fires and all in California has disturbed the grand pooh pah, of social webnet sites. In other news. Had a brilliant concept, that the move is closing in fast, but what was it we came to western Idaho, to do in the beginning? To rebuild KTOW as the mothership of the HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM network. Okay so that is the hessitation right. Why not go find quarters for that and if I need to bunk up at a motel if need be. So that's the mission for today. Stay tuned. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

It's been said Politics make strange bedfellows it can also be said all political talk is just trash

It's been said, by those much wiser than I, that politics make strange bedfellows, it can also be said that way too much political talk radio gets boring, to the point you start snoring. Earlier this afternoon, I cruised up the the food store I go to, to snag a tuna salad and some moo, for lunch. Plus needed some worm dirt for my lip. So I am tuned into the Rush Limbaugh show, that at times has some great points to consider. Thing is now that the Republicans have ambushed the senate, and the House will now be dominated by the Democrats, these radio talk show folks have nothing really big to talk about. Hannity has little, Rush even worse. Except to pin the whole malay on Hilary Clinton, of the tyraid on the 2016 elections and laying the win to the supposedly espionage by social media imposing will, on Trump, the thing is enough already. The billions of dollars the tax payers like you and me for all these hearings and so on, over this fiasco, could be giving millions of us on Social Security a much bigger boost than the 2.8% COLA due in January. Or even money being gave in grants to build subsidized housing to those that can't get the $2,000.00 a month apartments. Lets face it when it comes to housing, at least affordable housing in this nation, you don't hardly stand a chance. When I see, Veteran's who fought the good fight, homeless or near there, sleeping on the street in these cold winter months, I say enough with the political scrap fights and lets use that money being spent on that for something a lot more productive. So that be as it may. Heard some wimpering from old Rush on the fact that somehow his hands were not clean regarding the Monica Lewinski thing. Really? Then there was some mention about, that if you side with President Trump your racist, since Trump says racist things. Just by being a Trump supporter. Really? What about the overall public being bigoted and racist in tearing down all Confederate monuments? What about, the fact that the true story of the war of northern invasion? For that matter, why is it that Rush Sean and others don't talk about that? Or the fact that if a white guy assaults a black guy its all over the news and newsfeeds. But if a black guy, assaults a white guy , you hardly hear anything about it. Talk about fair, balanced and none biased phooey. Of course I'd like to see all media being forced to tell the truth, whether its editorial, or an ad. Example: A eastern block woman, puts up an ad in FB's Marketplace section. A Mobile home at $800.00 a month. Pricey but I could do that. So you make a point and appointment to go take a gander. Oh the trailer was great, but, the thing is you have to have your financial pedigree, plus be making 4 times the rent. Who the hell around here that would rent that trailer is making $3,200.00 a month? More over, why does it not say that on the ad? If it had said that I'd have skipped over the ad and been looking at other possible places to live. No I wait all weekend and go to see this and learn it ain't exactly what's in the ad? Now there are those that say when we do a ad for on air's and such we don't say everything. Excuse me I always put it out there of exactly what is expected. No fuss no muss. Then there are those Artificial Intelligence systems. Dig this, I saw an ad a few days ago, about a all around tow truck op, job in and near Orem Utah. Sounded good, so I filled out this questionare and since then , every damn fleet in the nation has been calling. How about the people placing the ad for the tow truck job, just saying job is filled, thanks for your time. Just tell the dang truth. But no body ever talks about telling the truth in media, except Trump, who threw out and cut off his press pass to a reporter from CNN for not telling the truth. Look I love this nation. It is, even with its problems the place everyone from around the world wants to reside here. Even with that, America is in need of a serious overhaul. 
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WolfPack Daily Breefs

The studio is now quiet, spooky in a way, usually I'm barking and howling at the top of my lungs and rockin, but sadly not this morning. The silence is not a permanante thing, but financial circumstances dictated that we had to pull back on the purse strings this month and our carrier for our webcast is now silent at least for a month or so. Seems as just as we are about to snag the trophy bell, something pulls the plug. But we'll still be there after the 1st of the year. So too I have to restructure myself and not be so gullable and all too trusting of people outside the WolfPack. Seems every time I start looking outside of our howlin circle is when I get bit or at least kicked in the teeth. I trusted in things on a Church basis, I trusted in a scoundrel of a property owner, and I trusted in some of those so called FB friends. Who are more acquainteneces rather than friends. 80% or better of them would no more divvy up money to help someone than they would forgo their Friday night brewski. The stories of stories going viral on FB and people reaching out to give financial aid through say etc, only do so, if your a ethnic, minority female who just had a bad bit of luck. Not a Veteran who just got booted from his domicile due to a hiccup in VA processing. No people outside our nation, and the loners on FB are there because many of them have no one else. And they transfer their lonely to a bunch of people that have no real return interest in them. 
Okay then enough of my whining and boo hooing. 
While the howl of the wolf may be silent at least online, that don't mean that we are completely silent for in our area we can still be heard over the air, on terrestrial radio. Our mission has not changed, we are still the information and educational source with a touch of humor entertainment, of and for those of us who have and still do strap on an aircraft to fly in harms way in defense of this nation as Navy and Marine Aviators. Likewise we are the only true voice of the present day Confederacy, not just remembering that of old, but revitalizing the present. We are truly the Wolvez in amongst the sheep. I still remember that day at Deseret Transportation in Utah at the tail end of the 1990's. President Hinckley of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, came over, and sat down with me on a stack of dirty truck tires, had a cup with me and said right there and then that I was in fact the Good Wolf in amongst the Sheep, that I kept Church membership where ever I went nervous and not resting on their complacency. That it was good that I did what I did to keep some of the older church members jumping. A task that I hold dear to everyday. I'm proud that since 2001 when we formed this unit, and all the things we have done, that to stop the prowl of the Wolvez would be tragic. Any mile Good morning ya'll time to go sniff out some places for me and the station.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ever get the idea that there are days you just want to punch out?

Do you ever get the idea, that your life is so messed up that you ask why is it against the law if you just want to punch out from the world and mortal coil? Why is it that there are not places, say a morgue or such where you could just walk in, ask to be put to death and it be done? Is it strictly a biblical thing or is it that a political thing? Here lately I have been thinking about that quite a bit. After all I have done everything that could be done in life, cept maybe get hitched, even that wouldn't be no sweat to have missed, but I have lived and I mean LIVED quite a life, so why punish me Dear Lord by making me live yet another day? 
Okay then enough of my bitter woah is me stuff. Seems as the old adage of if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger, applies. With every one of my life's challenges I gain new incite as to new ideas or thoughts. I caught a post on old Zeb's Blog this morning that made me think. I don't know if he started his blog before mine or I started mine before his, in many ways my life and Zeb's has really mirrored each others. Unlike Zeb, I did not have Polio, but my early childhood had some great challenges health wise. My immune system was messed up as a baby. Although I could navigate pretty well, and all still every blooming virus that could be had , dropped down on me. Coupled with fevers of 108 to 110, convulsions. I can remember going to the hospital at 1 year old, yes I can remember it, why , who knows, but I remember it. I was set to have my tonsils out. It was near Christmas, we had just moved from Idaho back to Utah,(which is where I wished we would have stayed following Mom & Dads retirement from Hill Air Force Base in 1971) We drove to an old hospital right in the middle of Ogden Utah. I could see all the Christmas lights on Washington Blvd, there and hear the songs, and yet, at the end of visiting hours Mom and Dad left, and here I was all alone in that cold, hospital room. Hospital rooms then looked and felt much colder than they do now. Tonsil removal was a heap different then too. Wouldn't you know it two days after surgery, I got an infection, my system was overloaded and they had to put me in a big tub of pretty cold water just to reduce my fever and swelling. Of course they administered Penicilian which a year after they finally figured out that that medicine and I were allergic to each other. It wasn't until I was just turning 5 that Jean Hatch CEO at a place that her husband Jack Hatch brother of Senator Orin Hatch of Utah, they ran a place called Candy Campus, a sort of pre-school. Apparently their daughter Jolene had the same problem. Our good blood cells and our bad blood cells were messed up. But a Doctor named Harrold Jensen of Farmington Utah started giving me twice weekly shots of Gama Globlin. Which over time strengthened my immune system to where I could fight off virus's and such. Its days like today and weeks like I have had this past week and over two months, I ask the question, " God why didn't you just let me die?" 
More Later.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

But does any body at FB screen this stuff?

A Howlin Morning to ya'll from the rainy and frozen tundra of Western Idaho and here at the temporary Wolf's Lair. Before I get into my normal rant here, and I'll know more of the wuzz up on it Monday, but got word this morning that our revived and renewed version of the TV show Airwolf has been given the green light to begin production come this spring. Universal Pictures has given us the go ahead and from what I understand some cash for the stash due in around mid April 2019. So it looks like the Lady 
 Will fly again. Casting will begin in mid March 2019. 
Okay then, with my current situation of finding a ground station for myself, been looking all over. The most promising locations are in the mini Cassia area of Idaho, namely Burley/Rupert and immediate area. I saw one single wide trailer that could work, and one that is a take over the lease deal in Burley. So will dig into those come Monday. There's a few that I saw in Twin Falls, and a 1 bedrm, 1 bath condo in Filer. Problem is nobody answers the phone. So the question I have is, how many of these postings are real? How many are fake? And how many just tell a part of the story? The other question I have and I have seen it countless times, that someone posts a place or a rental, yet the person placing the ad has nothing really to do with it, yet takes money up front for it. So does anyone at Facebook take a look at these ads? Check for accuracy? I know our pages and groups have to be updated on a regular basis to make them stay active, so why not these? Even though they're paid for ads, still isn't there a fraud censor at Facebook? 
Finally, our radio network will be off air Until the first of the year. In that time we are going to do a full rework of the studio, install new equipment and sound processors, and erect a new antenna and install a fully functional transmitter. So we will be doing most written publishing rather than half and half like we do now. 
Have a Howlin day.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

So did anyone see the two FB posts?

I often wonder just how many people really see, much less absorb or comprehend the ad's and postings we put up on social media. It does not matter the platform, getting some one there to eye ball and mentally scan the content is a grueling task. Seems as though we do have a real lack of proper basic education in our nation. Kids just don't know how to read. As for me I got reading at the tender age of 1 year old, my Mom (bless her heart) bought a subscription to an old kids magazine called Humpty Dumpty. I would sit on my tiny potty and read the hell out of that, I was connecting dots on the dot pages, and reading the text. My Mom used to lie with me on my bed, and read , and read. By age 3 I was reading entire dictionaries. I even started reading college books by age 5. As far as intelligent talking, hell I was chatting away by age 1-1/2, forming sentences and making damn sure everyone around me paid attention. Guess I was always a showy kind of kid. I loved then as now, the spotlight, whether performing on stage, or doing radio hell I had my own podcast LPFM at age 8. I built it myself. Shortly after connected to the crew at KCPX AM 1320 which we just bought to transfer to American Falls Idaho. Any mile I love performing, I do well at it, and I even have an agent, plus am Aftra, and SAG member there of. But I'm off course here. When we post either, by paying for an ad, or doing up a freebee. On Facebook, or other social media platforms, I often wonder how many of anyone really reads it, much less understands our postings. Boggles the mind. AyreWolf FM coming up on the AM today, and afternoon its Rebel Radio from noon to 15:00 hours. You can tune in on at 
L8R Aviators

Monday, November 12, 2018

See I am right, the fb melt down begins

I did not suffer this malady but apparently many did. Saw from a few of the so called, and I say so called since they are only fb friends not ones you can really count on when you need a hand up. Any mile guess a few had a malfunction on fb where they couldn't send messenger chats and so on. Saw where, PoohBear, Wayne and a few others were getting peanut butter jambs on sending pm's and such. So I ask, is it the fear of wide spread panic that kept fb, from informing the press or public that there was yet another fb glitch? Or is it that slowly we are seeing a serious fb meltdown? I remember, mostly because I'm old enough to, when the old MySpace was the social site, right at the tail of their lifespan, they too started having serious meltdowns in the tech department. Of course speaking of MySpace, I still remember that chick from NYC who found me on MySpace back in 2001 who accepted my dare challenge and really came out west to Utah to see me. That was the last real roll in rack that I have had. WingsofADove was her screen name, never did find out what became of her. 
But I regress getting off topic here. It seems that everything IoT any more is bunking up more security protocols, and making sure you, is you, yet the systems that makes sure you, is you is at best at infant stage. 
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There truly needs to be an overhaul in silicon valley California

There really needs to be a serious overhaul of tech companies in Silicon Valley California. Seems as though the giants from Google to WordPress and yes even Facebook have gotten bigger than their britches. Yet we also depend on these companies to keep the flow of information, flowing. Any more however that flow is more like sewage. And it doesn't matter if its YOUR site on WordPress that you pay for, or a business listing that's nearly free, although I pay right at $20.00 a month for on Google, My Business. The give and then they take away. Then there are those damn captcha's to identify YOU. Damn it of course its me for hell sake, son-of-a-revenuer, I pay for the damn site, why can't I use it the way I want to? What it is, is, there are way too many little Lord Fontleroy's in queer bay in these companies with foreign connecting names and the inability to speak native American or even American English, without it being too accented to understand. With that said I'm ready for bed.

Saturn Front Bumper Removal

Sunday, November 11, 2018

People who just fake it.

Had this little chickadee that was supposed to drop by yesterday at 15:00 . So stayed up way past my mid morning nap time. Seems this gal likes to kick the tires a lot, but doesn't really want to go on a test ride, much over don't want to buy into the gig. This Marie is getting to me. Why bark and request a sit down when all she's doing is teasing? Her excuse is always no money for gas. Really? What it takes maybe at the worst $2.00 to drive from Twin Falls to Jerome? I could kind of see the reluctance from TF to Wendell, but to Jerome? So I went in when phone poles were being needed to hold my eyes open as toothpicks were not cutting it, and slept right to Midnight. Would have gotten up then cept had to handle a tow call, plus find some groceries to pour down my neck. So during the time I was asleep, had wicked dreams of offing myself, due to the up coming mallofahess with my domicile, and woke up thinking horse crap, why am I looking at shutting me as well as all things HazzardAyre down just to satisfy this prick? Horse shit. So thought is point the eyes at Twinky Flatts and see where that's at. But what bums me out is these honey's that just disrupt my schedule saying they want in to being one of the honey crew here, but then nevers shows up. Sure I know shit happens, but that fangled thing called a I-phone and or any cell phone, means I am as near as a ring. More on the show after Church at 13:00 see ya'll there.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Did this all really happen?

Well here I am in front of a civilian firing squad. Well maybe not that severe, but close enough. Making a decision on my next destination is a horrendious task. Between radio werx, my truck and tools and the rest of my personal stuff finding a place to house it all is going to be tough and yet I'm still awake. A wise and comforting lady near Wendell Idaho, once told me to think the best, and let God our Heavenly Father handle the rest. But when faced with a situation that I did not cause, and the constant situation with PoohBear's money isn't an easy condition to deal with. I know her money handleing thing is not her fault, but she listens to every one else except me. I've told her many times get out of that damn Amscot outfit and sign up with a real bank. She says she can't. Something to do with her Social Security being overseen by her mother, who is not exactly wound to tight. With that said, and me needing to go to bed, I'm not yet dead, but close enough to it.
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Be there.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

When I need help where are they whom we've helped

So we're back to this are we? No matter. Was just served my eviction notice from the Sheriff, here in Jerome. Where did the $500.00 from last Friday go? More over where has all the money that I have poured out go? I have yet to get a receipt for any of it, and yet because of some malfubtions of the property owners I'm being thrown out in the cold? Of which I really do not care if I am. They want this trap back fine. But don't take my last dime as they did last Friday then turn around and say get out. This needs to change. More on the air later.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

And then there is always those empty handshakes

And then there are always those empty feeling congenial handshakes. There is a major difference in what is meant for true brotherly love and that which is genuinely given, and then there are those that the Bishopric and counselors give before services. I relate this to you not to bring feelings of guilt , but of the idea where, some improvement could be made. Now I'm not a big celebrity, just a very minute one. That said I make a bunch of folks nerviss in some situations. I do not socialize well, and I pick friends VERY carefully, and trust even fewer. Those I do trust and truly love are those who have earned my loyalty, respect, and again my trust. Here I have Kathleen and her family, they earned my adoration and love, in my old Ward in Evanston, I had the Bishop, and especially Vern Cox and Dave McFaden (I hope I spelled that right.) In any case, Dave was my home teacher, and although his visits were not often, when he did show up it was quality. Many times he came to my rescue on my cable or some odd bill, so did our Bishop. I hated asking but at times my back was against the wall. The shop costed me big time, but it also made good money at times. So I never was in way too much over my head, but that's not everything they did. There was many times my ego, and spirit needed lifting there and as such the Ward really provided. Then there was the incident of thinking one young lady needed a wardrobe change when going to Church, I never wore a suit nor tie, and hardly ever wore a white shirt , although just before I left there a year and month ago, I'm just not a shirt and tie type. I believe only time for that is when they plant me while sitting in LexiBelle, when I die, beyond that a shirt and tie represents squares and the establishment that I am fully against. I just don't jive with the dominion of both religion of Government and nd society as it is. Nope, I want to be free, and freedom for me is just to be comfortable, not stressed to live up to some bogus standard. Then there was Vern, who came over and we could talk about tech things as well as FCC and radio thinngs, although he was admitingly had a touch of some bogus label of mental disorder. What disorder that he had room in his heart to care for and about others besides himself? Not only did that family adopt me , and sat me down with them at Church and all parts of service be it Priesthood, Sunday School class even Dave's wife got along with me and several times I came to her rescue in Sunday School class when she would submit a concept or question, but was seemingly getting ignored. Yes there were assholes there true, but they were of a lesser degree than what I have seen here in Swendell, why can't Swendell's Ward, cozy up with me a bit more? I don't have flys sticking on my butt, I showr and bathe and keep clean. Sure and its no big secret I put Skoal between my cheek and gum, Bishop Hiatt knew it and would chastise me for it, but did not harbor on it. Here it seems that because I ride a bike and am the VP of a 1%'rs Outlaw MC, that oh I must be evil I am set aside and not in a good way. Again its an empty handshake. Then there was the gig of going to Deseret Industries. Sure I had my instructions there, but between training Angel, and no fuel to go to Twin Falls everyday that was not a feasble plan. Yes I thank them for the help on many rent payments and some utility bills, but I needed more like some one on one counseling. Only Kathleen has gave that here, the Bishopric and his minion, have yet to visit and minister as its called now. This is why I don't trust the leaders of the Church, there are other reasons of course, but dropping home teaching was a bad decision. Did the Lord not say go forth and teach everyone? Even if they don't reguly attend Sunday meeting? Ever since President Hinckley bit the sand, the Church has not had a steady hand at the tiller of the Church. They did it wrong here. Oaks should be President of the Church. Enough of my daily sermon here, but there's lessons to be learned here. I'm not perfect, I surly sin, I have an abundance of iniquities and hunger for things of carnal nature. I'll admit that, but I also teach everyone and anyone that wants to hear the Lords scripture and voice. I do this through my gift of gab on the radio, on TV, and in my blogs, The Lord is always by my side, and as Kathleen said it, and a young country music teen said it in her signature song, I let God hold the wheel, If its his will it will be done, and I'm comfortable with that.
Until Next Tim my fellow Wolvez.

Just why can't we have that here?

I often wonder and ask myself, why can't we have that here? Example; the LDS Ward in Evanston Wyoming that I attended , would for those that did not attend or found it due to health reasons could not attend services on Sunday, would worship at home, and the Ward delivered and gave the prayer then allowed that inactive member the ability to have sacrament or consume the Lords supper as some call it. My question is , why can't or isn't done here in say Swendell Idaho. It's not that I hate some of the people in our ward here, because I don't. In fact I forgive all of them as the Lord commands Us to do, its even in the Lords's Prayer it says, Forgive those who trespass on us as the Lord shall forgive us. We all sin, you can't live in today's society and not sin, somewhere nor can you be a mortal human and not sin. It's impossible. We are not a perfect species. Only our Heavenly Father is perfect. Unlike our Ward in Wyoming, this one here, is a bit too judgemental and condemns those who they feel is not of their level, ether economically or some otherwise. I can't go to Church and yet feel Welcome and not be self conscience. I don't enjoy being judged by anyone except the Lord himself. There will be time for that when I'm getting my ass kicked on that final judgement day. But it wont be by no human. I will say that I appreciated the feller who mowed my lawn yesterday from next door. But its a bit too much for way too late, by weeks end my feet will be propped up in Jerome Idaho rather than Swendell. I'm not saving that much money wise since I will have to rent another place to do radio etc, but my mind will be relieved since I wont have to feel that every eye in town is on me. The other day however I came up with the reason that Jerome is finally reaching a state of improvement. Unlike Swendell, Jerome has a very active Chamber-of-Commerce. and an active B2B networking community. This means the ability to connect with others, so I can teach what I know, and learn from others what I don't business wise. Jerome has a local newspaper there, plus a host of things that Swendell, fails to attract. Why? because Swendell has way too many people here that are quick to Judge, rather than those who are willing to jump in and roll up their sleeves, open their wallets and say how can we help? Next week is not Testimony meeting so I wont be so motivated to stand up and open my mouth and say what I feel, plus lie. I can't stand up and say that I fully trust President nelson of the Church, I can't get up and say I Trust the leaders of the Church, except for one, Dalin Oaks is the only one that I feel has a grip on things, not any of the rest of them. Yes I know The Church is the true Church of the Earth, yes I know the teachings of the Church is spot on, I can say for sure the Lord does miracles, and sometimes I know that because of free agency those miracles go ary, such as the oops of Angel and all that happened there. Yes I know I fuggled up by not going to Deseret Industries to work, because I remained on station here training Angel, even though that went to shits. But I will not go to a Ward, where its me that get's judged. Hey as I said, I forgive, but I don't forget. Just the value of one of those pianos would feed several poor people in the community for years, some of those cars parked outside, makes me wonder, about how all too many walked for days to hear the Lords Sermon on the Mount. As for my long hair, drabby clothes and my beard, wonder if John the Baptist would be welcome at this Ward, or for that matter the Lord himself. If God himself walked in, said who he was, would he have to show it by a miracle? Or even a state issued pictured ID? 
Terrible Ain't it, that's why I don't go to Church any more than I need to. I don't go where I'm not wanted.
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L8R Ya'll

Thursday, June 14, 2018

This is why more people are going to WordPress paid or not
Our new SheWolf had a complete article hammered out and went to save and send when the entire piece was lost. Both she and I are pissed. Since I have for the majority been using WordPress, albeit its made a few mistakes, overall, there has been no loss of content. Yet here it was. Perhaps a bit of inexperience of Blogger was the problem, yet shouldn't Blogger a Google product have at least saved the original draft? Instead it took her to a review page. Piss on this, and this is what I'm paying money for? Maybe there needs to be a rethink, here. Blogger has pushed away so many platforms that the Alphabet company feels is a threat. She was doing a piece on Gender bias regarding the concept of older versus younger romantic pursuits. Should it matter how old or how young to a certain level, one should look to recruiting and sustaining a relationship of a personal level? She's going to re do it for Friday's edition of AyreWolf Radio, heard on: Join us for that.
Until Later Aviators