Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Your cursed if you do and called lazy if you don't. And what is it with all the kiddie porn on Facebook?

Okay I admit, I live from month to month on a medium military pension and SSI , together I'm lucky if I get over $3k a month, and even that is spread pretty thin much of the time, but it don't stop me from attempting to climb the ladder to get me off at least the SSI, since I'd rather work than be on that. 
If you look at all the hoopla on the news and commerce sites both in and around Idaho, you'd think that the city of Twin Falls and immediate area is really in a boom era. The reality? Rent has gone way up, but wages and jobs haven't really increased. Oh sure Jayco Trailers is hiring , but what about jobs that involve creativity, intelligence, and some IT tech brain power? Sorry those jobs are not here, or are they? More on that in a few centons here.
No matter how hard, and how many hours I put in, seems I hit a dead end. Ain't just here neither. I had some of the same, although not as bad, but the same reluctance in hiring on air and photo talent in Etown Wyoming and Ogden Utah as I have here. The difference? Salt Lake City and metro areas were only an hour or a hour and a half away. There are agencies that you can hire from, no having to wait hours even days and even weeks for a prospective talent or applicant to show up and even if they do show up don't return. But I'm getting off track. 
I have heard from neighbors, my Bishop and others just get it done, grow your business. Problem is as hard as I work, still can't get any traction in the action. 
People have barked at President Trump, about the budget, helping big business and all, I say; unless your really in a world of illness, get off your ass and go to work. Or instead of dropping millions of dollars each month and taking this nation into debt, why not do as I have said years ago, take every person that wants to go into business to carve out their own living and get off of SSI, a half a million bucks, and say here's grant money git-r-done, and oh btw don't contact us at SSI until your 90. Or tell these unwedded women with children's, no more SSI, go find a qualifying job, like working for Maximum OverDrive Radio. Learn a skill or two that is marketable. See you in 20 years. 
No matter how much and how hard you work at it, climbing the stairway of success is a mighty long set of stairs.
Each day I watch such shows as Business Rockstars, with all these successful start ups. Many I wouldn't do, but somehow they all find VC, or Venture Capital, to do a start up, where are the VC's ? What I glean is 80% of them or better are in or near San Fran California or Los Angeles, they dang well are not or extremely hidden in Idaho, Utah or Wyoming. I'll take $700k there Alex.
Which brings me to the earlier thing. And it relates to the second topic here. 
I have to date spent oh can't say how much but near $2k with Facebook recruiting hot looking talent for both on air, as well as to be on our website, and in our Klassic Truck Calendar/Video. I kinda understand the not doing the in studio, on air thing, since it is in a house. Only because three assholes, one in Gooding, Strickland, the other in Twin Falls, Mark Jones, and one other that I wont say, said since they were ignorant about internet radio they felt they could not rent to a military aviation/ truckers group. Okay fine. But poster girls? They all say hey I'm interested, I'll be over, then when pushed they either back out, or even if they are interested their guy pal says DON'T DO IT!!
To be fair, I guess having your lady walk into a MC's road house, for a job of any kind might not be like sending her over to McDonalds for a opening, but hey we pay a damn well better than McDonalds. 
So since nobody is available or will undertake the task of being on camera with hot trucks and tow trucks, etc, I went to finding pics on FB that I could photoshop and place with a trick truck or two, to get at least the Website, and go from there. So I stumbled on a site dealing with Spandex and Lycra, okay. So I scrolled down the pics and counted at least 12 or better of Asian women, and many not even women , more like teen , tween and pre-teen Asian girls. And this is allowed on FB, but if I (maybe its because I'm a guy) put up a pic of one of our guys posing with, or a very leggy pic of a gal with a bike, truck, etc, I'm sent a notice from FB saying your post or your photo does not meet our community standards. But hey some gals doing a closed page with kiddie porn is okay, and even women older some of those pics are really racy and they do those pics for free. Hmmm , double standard and decrimination don't ya'll think.
Took the day off, caught sleep, got to get up early, since its time to do some intel gathering on new HQ in Eastern Idaho Thursday.


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