Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wednesday's Facefart Review

Getting off to a ruff start here this morning with the radio show. Slept too long and needed to do some pre production first, We will be on at 06:00 Hours or 6am for you none military folk out there.
Had a long phone conference with Doug my VP of the WolfPack. The discussion revolved around that come the end of the month it will no longer be business as usual here at the Rode House. See the 15th of January a new President of the Knytes will take his throne, as such new cabinet members will also take their seats. The free spending without proof of return on investment ends. Things such as the radio station/network will need to start putting cash in the stash, or Jonny will say, lets find another way. Much of that success or lack of it will need to be based on finding the right team members and hiring the right none member employees. From the point of the WolfPack and that's all that has saved my butt and the Idaho Charter is the WolfPack. The fact that its us at present doing and sustaining the radio op, not the entire Knytes nation . 
This re-examination of the radio ops might just include yet another relocate project where the human resources that are needed to make it work and from the technical side as well. Southwest Bountiful, North Salt Lake, even Tooele or Salt Lake City might be a better nest for this op, rather than rural Idaho.
Consider the fact that in our beginning, the FCC required that a radio station had by law, to have a studio, a on air staff, and management at the same place or within 20 miles of the transmitter site. So being here in western Idaho, meant we needed to be in western Idaho. The FCC gave us a gift as of December 1st when the exemption, came that no station had to have its studios etc in the same city or town of license. Which means the station in Buhl Idaho can operate with just a small building an internet connection, and an Studio Transmitter link to the tower at Soldier Creek. The studios, etc can be as far away as Salt Lake City or as it is with our competitor in Boise, yet it feels and sounds like there's someone right there in Twin Falls or in our case in Buhl, when in reality its several or hundreds of miles away. 
Of course we are lucky since our main point of delivery of our station is through the Internet, we can be in Utah, where getting things such as promotional photos done and having a hot female body is a call away to TMG talent, rather than me having to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on Facebook and elsewhere. Where there are website developers all over that can piece together our site, and most importantly of all, on air talent of both genders, that are of the aviation/trucking/biker communities, but as well as broadcasting. Who can come in, plant their butts in the command chair and do radio shows, on time. This will go a long ways to easing my stress, and killing me. For both the Knytes/WolfPack, it means running a product that can produce, earnings for the club rather than so much expenditures. 
For me the move here to Idaho has been a complete disaster. One move that would have never been done, had it not been for my need to renew my drivers license without a ton of crap that would have been needed in Wyoming. 
However I am here, there is one year to pay off Silver, once that's done and suitable quarters are found, I'm out of here.
More on the show which starts in 6 hours.

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