Monday, December 11, 2017

We are a industry disrupter and can I at least get an honest answer?

I'm going to start on this rant with the second topic, Can I at least get an honest answer.
I have read on various fb posts from three women of whom I have at least by fb meeting methods that are all claiming that what they want is a honest, always loving, tender hearted man in their lives. I have a response, why not be honest yourself back. If a guy hints that he is interested in you and you accept his invite, if your not really ready to get involved or find your really not interested in him, at least say so. Sure, he'll most likely be a bit hurt maybe disappointed but he'll get over it. A little hurt now, is better than a strung out thing, that never bares fruit. Most women forget , men have feelings too. Sure most of us male corpuscles hide it really good, but at night alone, men do cry, men do feel heartache and pain, and that can lead into over drinking and even more. The interest can be of a personal nature as in Tracy, or a professional realm such as Adrian, in either case, no call, no return post, all too many one way messages, makes guys to where we don't trust women any more. No not going queer, but over the last two and near 3 years, Shelly, has outside of twice which wasn't her fault, proved her loyalty to me by sacrificing $600.00 every month in contribution to the WolfPack. Calling me at least 3 times a day, and while that situation has been put on hold, for a number of reasons, but even if I go with another Shelly will remain my dearest lady friend, because I trust her and she has not ignored me.
To the women I spoke of, if you want total commitment from a guy filled with passion, dedication and honesty, its very simple, do the same for and to him, don't play games with him just because you can.
Okay then;
The new buzz word for a company or firm that kicks butt in a industry, is called now a disrupter. In essence setting a extreme example of precision and excellence. Or being an innovator .  With nearly 28 plus million listeners every night domestically and world wide, winners of all too many awards and a no nonesense approach to online radio HazzardAyre Radio set a standard many try to duplicate, but there is no duplication, since we are independent and not subject to stock holders. Even in the old years prior to all things Hazzard Long Haul and eventually Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, has led by an example few can match. Created in a small office at a insurance company in Buhl Idaho in 1997 Maximum Overdrive has been and continues to be the voice of Americas Owner/Operator Independent Truckers and the radio, and written voice and read of the Iron Knytes Association. We set the foundation of domestic ,military aviation enthusiasts radio. At least 10 years prior to Warbird Radio. Why ? Because our people are not just people behind a mic, our people on air and in studio, are truckers, towing professionals, bikers and yes military aviators, surrounded by the circle of trust called the Modern Confederacy. Nobody can match us, for both quality, and effort. 
HazzardAyre Radio is: A Disrupter.

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