Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Want to a bunch of Money's screw one football? Welcome to CenturyLink Part2

Want to see a bunch of money's screw one football? Welcome To CenturyLink.
In this final installment at least for the time being, I will say, the guy who installed the system did as good a job as I could want and stayed until it was completed. Even to the point of having 10 tech centers who had 10 people who could speak good American English. Nope 4 from the nation of India, 3 from Mexico, and one I have no idea. Several times the tech here, had to repeat the order number and some clerk never put certain details in nor remembered things it was what do we have a bunch of numbskulls working at CenturyLink. Hell if they can't do Internet, and with Cell phones are the way to go for telephone, If CenturyLink don't soon get its act together Don't matter who buys em, they wont be in business long. Cable-One was no treasure, makes one wonder, what rural America is to roll up the sidewalk and quit? Now that net neutrality has been KO'd telecom's doing double duty as isp's better get it together or its adios amigo. While I'm not quite getting 20/20 I am getting 20/17 so its good to go, and should be on air in the afternoon.
Okay then enuff , but damn you'd think the IP tech experts, the guys in the field and the idiots in management would figure out how to get along in the sandbox and play well with each other. Nope its stupid pouring over more stupid, Guess the standards for employment at CenturyLink are lower now than when it was called Mountain Bell.
At least one good thing happened today. Had one sweetheart I knew in school at breakfast say I had a BIG DICK. IMO it ain't however it pleases all of them. Herman was trained very well. 
Bed time,
see ya'll on the radio and Cyber Radio.

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