Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tuesday's FaceFart Review

If you thought that the removal of net neutrality wouldn't be effecting you, think again. Already I'm finding many redirects to sites and web destinations that were no big thing are now not available, or restricted. 
Even such destinations as Facebook, and Twitter are becoming restricted if not removed or only certain parts are viewable. Such as my friends pane. That's where you can see who is on facebook that you know, or might like to chat with. 
Part of this is, that since Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio is starting to gain traction. Not just on fb but over the air. Its one of our most successful relaunches of one of our radio programs. Thing is spoiled Zuckerberg is so nervous he has his minions of fb censors monitoring pages and groups. If there's something there he don't like, its adios amigo, and while not in the so called Facebook jail or restricted suspended status, its pretty close. 
My advice to young Zuckerberg, better get your minions to uncork my account, or you wont see one damn dime of the ads that I bought from you last month plus the other $2k of ads I bought over the last 3 months.
Moving on here.
Facebook itself has lost mucho denaro, this past year. Advertisers are going elsewhere according to such sources as Digiday, plus Facebook lost a ton of green on the video movie project. 
With this in mind the WolfPack, is working on this thing we will label the Facefart Review. Examining issues and likes of us common folks and allowing for unrestricted and uncensored comments. In essence a better no head up its ass, fight the system version of what young Mark had in mind in the first place. 
So how was your Christmas holiday? Ours was busy here, had 53 slide-off's, 23 wrecks and two DUI runs over the course of the last 3 days. Trouble is whatever I do in that regard goes into Charlie's pocket, not mine. In fact just an hour ago got a call that I could not run since MY truck is in Wyoming. That situation needs to change. 
Sweet Tracy did not show up for Christmas as she said she would, like all too many on fb its 80% fake and only 20% real. The other problem on fb is its started to be a porn hub, of sorts. Forget the crap of Community Standards, see Mark is so hungry to get and keep eyes on his site, that' he's thrown decency to the wind, and is allowing posts of the smuttiest kind on there. 
Any flyte, my body needs sleep, too much stress.
See you on air at 10:00 hours, at www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf and over the air at 105.7 KTOW.

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