Wednesday, December 27, 2017

There are times when Red Ridding Hood needs to get out of the car and go inside. The big bad Wolf doesn't bite often

Before I get into my main rant topic here, want to say thank you to the two gals at Coates Family Diner in Jerome, Idaho for the outstanding meal, and especially the scotch and soda , soda. Don't know how its made but its great.
Okay then, caught this blurb by some skank today about the thought that she didn't believe a working albeit an online cyber Internet , radio station was running here at the Rode-House/Wolf's Lair. 
There are times for one's own good you need to throw caution to the wind and go in and take a look, coming to the Wolf's Lair to work in and on a cyber radio station is one of them. Oh sure we'd love to have a fancy smancy place in a prestige office structure as we had in Woods Cross Utah, or even a more mundane one. Sure we'd like to be further along than we are, much of our delay in progression outside of location or perhaps because of it, has been due to us, mainly me hanging around the Lair waiting on those who say they'll show for an interview, but then never show up. But it's not just the feminintiles that fail to see the trees for the forest. Even the CenturyLink and our new now on board computer tech had trouble conceiving there was a working station here. Until they got out of their rides and came inside and saw quite obviously, in the far back room, next to the BACK DOOR, a working and fully operational radio station. 
While this hindrance is nothing new to the WolfPack, its becoming more so of a weight we never invited but have to live with daily. In years gone before, some of the female gender of the human species, had some reluctance, still they went forward. If you want a mere difference and why although a recent Wall Street Journal article says otherwise, but why Utah is more prosperous than Idaho or at least this part of Idaho is.
In 2004/05 while for no other reason outside of economic need, I was residing in a more rent controlled public housing structure that resembled a elderly home than much of anything else. However, the radio gig kept churning and I needed outside assistance. So I placed an ad on and got numerous applicants, several who not only trained but have stayed on as contract staff for KnyteWolf Media since. Who would go into a old farts home in a controlled living space for a career opening? Simple, women who didn't have their pretensious heads up their butts. Those lady staffers today are knocking down a $million a year plus, and why, because those red ridding hoods, were not afraid to come inside and greet the big bad wolf. 
Radio show is on at midnight, be here. at ; 

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