Friday, December 22, 2017

No matter how they try nobody beats what I had with AllWest.

Try as they try, neither Cable-One nor CenturyLink gives me the unsplit broadband bandwidth consistently like AllWest Communications did when we were housed in Evanston Wyoming. Granted it wasn't symetrical, like what I'm supposed to be getting here with the new set up, and all, and come bill paying time, you can bet your next oil change that its a full 20/20 rather than the 18/13 I'm getting now or one helluva adjustment will be made.  Might still need to look at western Wyoming or Utah after all, but there's a few months left here to squeeze this out.
Being a local co-op telecom like AllWest is, they can give a more personal level of service. Have a cash flow problem, one call to Mindy Broadhead, problem solved, still running. Have a tech problem? Again, call Mindy, problem solved. Even to the point of updating the firmware. In Evanston with AllWest I had cable TV with one helluva lot more channels than Cable-One offers for twice as much. Want to see a company doing it right even with challenges? Take a gander at AllWest, want to see a bunch trying to play catch up? Look at both Cable-One/CenturyLink. 
Bet you next tire replacement, that a call after the holidays to Raphael, and associates WILL be made.
Or CenturyLink can just pay off our $2,500.00 bill to Cable-One and get us hooked back up there again,.
See ya'll on air in the AM.

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