Monday, December 18, 2017

Menyanna WolfPack It's Monday Here's your Sexy Minute

Menyanna WolfPack it's Monday, a Monday before Christmas, and its still cold outside. 
The sorta big bucks arrived Saturday, but I had the shittiest time trying to get the blooming thing cashed. So after Church, trucked to Tweaker Flatts, got down with Money Tree, and walked out with most of it less $25.00 for them to mess with it. 
Trouble is with being overdrafted some $400.00 doesn't give me a bunch of floating money for next month so will need to truck to Etown this week, deposit $400.00 and I should be good until the 1st. 
The overdrafts are coming from doing all this recruiting from Facebook. If we really got qualified applicants for on air, engineering of the radio werx, or for cover models it'd be okay, but we keep getting these Red Riding hoods that are to chicken shit to enter the Wolf's Lair 
 to engage any kind of money generating income for us as an organization so I'm letting these ads run their course, but no more of em, Jon President of the Iron Knytes 
 agrees so that's that on that.
Question surrounding that though. Here we are recruiting for a REAL career skill job, and yet on a mess of single biker dating/relationship groups on FB, there's a ton and a half of really young prick teasers on there going after these older male corpuscles. The real risks are just that real risks, in that one of these two wheeled iron horse cowboys are going to go get together with one of these younger fillies and going to end up in jail for a L&L charge or worse. Doesn't these people that are fielding these groups ever look at their groups/pages and filter out the fakes? No wonder Trump jumped on Facebook for fake postings. In this era of #metoo and all and harassment being flung around like manure at a PRCA rodeo, isn't Zuckerburg worried that this could backdraft onto him and Facebook, for allowing this? All its going to take is a few or even one of our two wheeled brethren, to get popped by the fuzz for statutory rape, and some crafty attorney is going to nail Facebook for even allowing the group/page on his site to begin with. Then go after the administrators and supporting linked companies like Biker Planet, and somebody is going to pay dearly for this. Mark my words, on this, it'll happen. Then all the posting and notifications of postings. Don't these Facebook people have real jobs to go to and do? Facebook is becoming the Walmart of the Internet. Where low income or no income not too bright people go to socialize. Sure there's good information on it, but should there not be a slightly elevated something akin to Facebook out there? Trust me if I had the warbucks to do it I would, and yes the WolfPack is looking to get some seed angel investment bucks to engage that, but that could be at least 4 years out. 
Then there was a posting yesterday in the Grey Bearded Grumpy Bikers Club, that had a T shirt with HA's logo on it. Everybody in there was telling the young idiots not to buy and wear that. HA is really protective of that logo as are we of ours. 
Finally, I have been having this fussing session with some Twitch on our Maximum Overdrive Page/Group. She didn't understand what the Dixie flag had to do with the page/group, nor was she a trucker. Question is if she ain't a trucker or trucking preservationist like we are, what the hell was she doing on our page/group? 
As I drop the landing gear here, don't people on Facebook have jobs? And why is 80% or better on there women? Bunch of old and young broads with nothing productive to do, makes me feel like I'm in a online drama, or soap opera.
Get a grip people.
Well going in redouxing the studio, CenturyLink is supposed to be here today, so maybe we'll have a high flying online radio Christmas show yet, stay tuned.
L8R Aviators.

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