Monday, December 25, 2017

KnyteWolf knyteciyde

Let's face it if your living in a small to medium sized rural town, the same options of technology are not going to be like it is in the big city.
More over the same options for human resources for anything media, and certainly not in Internet connection and/or speed. I suppose that I did get spoiled very badly with the free flow of broadband bandwidth when our operation was housed at I4 Solutions there in Woods Cross, Utah. I got used to the 250 down, 100 up speeds and stability. Doing shows there was a breeze and I never had to do much with constant having to do diagnostic scans. I was able to concentrate on the quality of the programs and what I do, rather than all this techy geek shit. Example, After nearly 3-1/2 months of squirrling around finally got the thing for CenturyLink installed. Now I'm supposed to be getting a 20/20 connection. I'm not nearly that its more like a 18/17 at best connection, but at least I can do a show, yet unlike when I was in Evanston Wyoming hooked up to AllWest, even when doing my show I could go look, at news and such on the same computer while doing my show. Not here with CenturyLink, nope at best I have to wait, to look at news items or use my laptop hooked to a much slower CenturyLink hook up. Bet your next tank of diesel that a serious discussion will be had when its time to pay the bill if the conditions don't improve. 
We'll be on air mid morning, since as I have found and don't let em lie to you about having a dedicated connection. My bandwidth for both hook ups improves overnight, when most here are sleeping, or when the human rug varmits are at school. 
On the morrow's show, I'll be into doing up a new website called FaceFart. the new social site for those tired of Facebook.

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