Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Is the day over yet?

Still going through some tech snafus here but its all getting done.
The fact that as it is we still are not running with the horsepower we did in Etown Wyoming, and especially what we are when our kick off in Woods Cross Utah happened, but we are there none the less. The test will come in the afternoon Wednesday when we sign on again and get this mule rolling.
Over the last several months of being not on the air, I've been going through a lot of what I will call self examination as well as current operations going into an entire new years. It's not the radio gig by itself, its the area we are in, of all the billed and much of it falsely so, The Magic Valley mainly Twin Falls and much of the valley is just not as rich or furtile field to be plowing in much less planting or replanting seeds. Once this valley had such industrial flexibility and ambition that it was hard not to succeed. Today seems as though that ambition has dimmed to say the least. Sure we could keep throwing money at things, but if you can't even gain a well educated work force, why the hell are we still here? Because as bad as it is there are still mainly a greater amount of people to serve and of course this is where we broke ground originally. Which brings me to my next piece here.
I had breakfast this morning in the same place except for a bunch more room, better decorated, facility that we were created in. The Snake River Grill which back then was the Polish Palace. Before I ate I picked up some fasteners to get the playwood put up for CenturyLink's guy to get at least some connectivity for HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM. So I go into Hazzard Hardware, and told the lady that the shop attached to their store ought to have a plaque in front of it alerting folks or making them aware that here was where the original concept of the General Lee, aka Dukes was conceived. The older lady could remember but her husband did. So sitting at the Snake River Grill, the lady there didn't immediately remember, but then she thought about it, she did. Sad really considering this was or is Hazzard. My we need to not only have a Knytes reunion there, more over create a Hazzard Memorial week there. If I were to quit as well as the core of the club and just move away, that could not be achieved.
With that said, my eye lids and the rest of me needs sleep.

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