Saturday, December 30, 2017

Instead of always asking us for a donation, how about donating to us? Going on air at midnight.

It's amazing for me to see every day even every hour all too many organizations looking to crowd fund their operations, some call it private donations I still call it crowd funding. The only three organizations the WolfPack donates to are, the USO, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Marine readiness fund. Past that we don't as a policy donate. What I'd like to see from my perch is for more folks private and corporate to cough up a few of their recreational money to us. Why not, sacrifice a meal out so that the WolfPack can get a young lady out of jail, and keep her out with extended treatment and counseling? Or a returning Marine or Naval aviator needing help with a utility bill, education or a medical care need? Granted, $100.00 from just one donation, isn't much, but if many people on social sites and groups and pages, sent in $100.00 a piece, imagine what we could do.
True times are hard for all of us. Everybody is scratching the bottom of the bucket for a crumb, and yes the wolfPack is fortunate that government and some corporate funds keep us elevated, so you rarely hear me howl about having YOU to contribute to us. 
Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio is an extension of AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio. And is supervised by KnyteWolf Media LLC. With 10 radio stations, 4 TV stations, and 10 online networks our sponsors keeps us going. Our main center and focus, is and has been since our inception in 2002 with AyreWolfFM as our start, has always been to support, the man or woman coming home from defending this nation and protecting all, from enemies and maintaining policy, who strapped on a aircraft and flew into harms way to do his or her service to this nation. I've been blessed , I served first in a AV-8 for my first 10 years in, and the rest as a SAR pilot until 2001, then as a joint op instructor until discharge in 2005. I have seen the real, good, bad, and very ugly. I know first hand coming home to a place you saw in your head when you left and finding attitudes and mindsets that have changed. I also know how hard it is to find that your credit rating is at a minus 512 because there were bills you couldn't pay while serving your country, and few companies that will give you some latitude. So you end up paying twice as much, or not getting something you need, like a house or even a cell phone, or any phone. These are things we as an organization are working on, to get rectified. Through legislation and policy changes. 
No body goes that extra mile like we do, and I mean no one. We are not just a motorcycle club, we are not just a custom truck organization, or even a mere enthusiasts group of military aircraft restoration and history. No the WolfPack represents ALL those who flew, fly and did their best from inside the confines of a cockpit. 
A military pilot is like the drummer in a rock band. You know they are there, you know they are important to the success of the band, but rarely are given credit, for what they do. If we were not overhead, the ground forces would have never made it. Its time to say thank you to us who flew and fly for this nation. Instead of going out and getting smashed one weekend, why not take $100.00 and donating it to The WolfPack? Details on how to do that can be found on our Facebook group and Page.
Been having studio transmitter link problems all day, something to do with weather and freezing. But our engineer says we should be ready to truck and fly at midnight.

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