Sunday, December 3, 2017

I don't like fighting with the old lady, and can we skip Christmas, New Years, this year?

I just got off the cell phone after having a stiff verbal battle with Shelly. Seems we been down this road before ain't it? Any mile the conversation went from money to stepping out on Shelly to a bunch of other things that I wont go into here. Thing is, the centered reason my body is in this old house in Wendell Idaho was not the radio gig, that I was doing well with in Evanston, Wyoming, or Etown. It's not that I lost the shop, could have made up for that in time, and right now be running tows all over western Wyoming. Making money, not just spending it, with a bunch of idiot women, who think only that whatever virtue would or could be violated. As far as flying had a spot picked for that at Bountiful SkyPark Utah. Nope I moved here so that Shelly could be somewhere that she could not only settle down in, but avail herself in the mental health abilities and resources she really needs.
These temper tantrums of hers, and the fact she things that anything with a vagina wants me here, (same shit that was at the center of most fights in Etown) is purely her vivid imagination. If I was having as much intimate relations as she thinks I am, Herman would look like a quarter pound of ground beef. The fact is the last time that I had anything sexual outside of Miss Donna's Ranch in Wells Nevada, was with some goofy chick named Wings-of-a-Dove that I met on the old AOL chat room places. The fact that she had a package was a plus, but she had Cerebal Palsey and was goofier than a bucket of rocks. That was back in 2002 even then didn't flat care if I got laid or not. All I'm trying to do in life is serve the WolfPack/Knytes as well as dig my way out of a deep financial pit that people who should never have been in control of ripped me off when they stole some serious funds in 1984 through 1989. From my parents estate. Most of which live in and around both Gooding and Twin Falls County Idaho, and they know who they are.
With the fuss Shelly caused here, even if I had a super fleet of tow trucks here, the best equipped shop in the area both would sit idle, since no cop force would call me out at 2am especially if a woman was involved in the disabled vehicle. This was proven back in 1984 when Big Skipper moved me out of the house near West-Point Idaho to Boise. Up to then I was lucky snagging maybe 10 to 20 calls a month here in the Tragic Valley, of Idaho. LexiBelle, my General Lee and all moved to Boise, withing 8 months I was knocking down 30 calls plus a day, and for once having accounts receivable not just payable . Reason, Treasure Valley cops didn't have any reluctance calling me out late at night. Especially if the tow involved a woman motorist. Same thing in Eastern Idaho, Utah and finally Wyoming. The reason I'm behind the 8-ball, is simply, I moved here for and because of Shelly, not with any idea we would floor the walls with money made either towing, or doing online radio. Both could be being done better and consistently in Etown. And yet, about every other text or phone call from her, is because of a imbalance of serious anger, and all, and shit, I didn't do anything to cause it.
Now many of you are saying why don't you just drop her?
Simple, because I love her, second the loyalty she shows by sending me her financial contribution for the club, and three, we are about the only two on earth that can stand each other. But its now on a probationary situation now. If the fighting continues, if she misses even one payment, if she don't swiftly change her bossy attitude, between now and April, there wont be no wedding in May/June. I'll just move somewhere that isn't as expensive as here is. My Son Mike in Kentucky has some space that he'll help me get into, plus if I moved in with him, I might be able to track down Monkee, and that would change a lot of things. Come to figuring , Monkee and I never ever said a cross word, to each other. Some how, Monkee while not liking it much, understood the things I had to do that involved acctress's, Models etc, since that's how I made the money that put food on the table. Heck, Monkee even helped track some candidates for those talent spots. The reason she and I are not together is that, I got a massage at a motel-6 once that resulted in me being date raped, and money stolen. Monkee didn't buy it and we split up. Which brings me to the next topic here.
Can we just skip Christmas, and New Years this year? After paying bills and all this last two days, I'm as broke as I could be. Beyond that driving by the old homestead near West-Point every day, Mom and Dad no longer here as well as no real companionship, friendship, etc, I really am feeling really low. At least living in Etown last year I could zoom to Utah, hang out at a few strip bars, get drunk, had a great Church Ward, and people who sort of cared about me as just a person, both in Utah as well as Etown. All I can say is this; come after the holidays, I'm on the road to finding a place for the radio op, and then me. Where that falls money wise and all depends on Shelly. 
Look I have COPD, Heart problems, and type 2 diabetes, I live on a mere Military pension, combined with SSI, the only extra cash I make is from towing and 10% of ad sales from the radio gig. I'm not getting rich, and until or unless somewhere all of the money from the Montgomery Trust is recovered, I live forcably humble. I now watch a snowy TV set with one station. Because of both Cable One/CenturyLink station remains off the air, and because of that , that 10% of ad sales from HazzardAyre Radio has stopped. All because I still love Shelly, but there is a point that I will need to call an audiable there. 
Church in the morning.

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