Friday, December 22, 2017

I am in lust with Kylee of Anchors Bistro She's purrfect

Since it is after all the jolly holidays here I thought I'd take a quick cruise over to Tweaker Flatts and Anchors Bistro, for a brew and Coconut Shrimp. At once Kylee saw me sat down and I made damn sure she served me which unfortunately pissd off Hiliary but hey I like Kylee. So we got to talkin, seems Kylee is seeking higher visions in being a 1st grade teacher, which is good thing, since kids are getting a poor education as it is.
Of course Kylee is now recruiting for candidates for the 2019 AyreWolf/HazzardKnytes Calendar. 
What make Kylee special is not a thought in the world of me pitching tents and shacking up with her, besides my Shelly and Kylee's hubby might have problems with such an arrangement. Nope, Kylee is efficient at what she does for Anchors. She makes you feel welcome, and for the time your there, Alpha male. Which there any way I am, being VP of the Knytes, Prezz of the Idaho Charter of the Knytes and re-elected Prezz of the WolfPack. 
Two plates of Shrimp, two tall Bud Light's and I was out of there, feeling no pain.
Need a place to eat and grab a brew in Twin Falls? No place better than Anchor's Bistro Blue Lakes Blvd, ask for Kylee.

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