Saturday, December 9, 2017

Doing the right things for the right reason, but in the wrong place?

Before I get into my main rant here and I'll dive into politics on our main site( its not just men who get hurt and raped, at least emotionally. Say what you will of the Harvey Weinstein's and such, but when you reach out to just shake hands, and she pulls you in for a hug with a back pack on that requires you to put your left hand in the small of her back, then she shifts you in such a way that your hand slips and you do a bit of grab ass, then who is to blame? Especially when she does not say , "no" or pull your hand away? 
This last week has been a real killer for the WolfPack, and there is even more examination on the idea, of let's just say we gave it our all and get back into an environment where progress or at least what we need to advance to the next level is available. 
Many ask , with all the stumbles in raising a full on over the road long haul truckers radio station or family of stations, as well as a web based as well as satellite radio network, why do we remain in go nowhere, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Like it was said in a mid 60's sitcom, The real place you need to be so load up the truck and move to Beverly. Granted Venture capital resources, investors, on air as well as on screen, talent is there, and many who have never ever are stifled by religious, LDS or otherwise restrictions. San Fran, California, Los Angeles California, and so on. Are there, but with a scrape the bottom of the can for the last bean, budget, California is a bit restrictive. Trumps new tax initiative isn't helping either. The new ELD laws and so on, is just why Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, along with sister op HazzardAyre/AyreWolfFM needs to be out there. 
So you settle, but I can also remember when we were in the same spot, in 2013 at about the same time of year. From 2006 to 2013 I had along with the Knytes/WolfPack had been busting our ass trying to launch a web gig as well as an ota radio operation. Knowing on air talent would get us so far needed tech help. Put a thing on CraigsList, stumpled on a TV engineer that rode two wheels, he steered me to and off we went. Was there until mid 2016, when by accident stumbled on for half the money of Livestream, and a platform that didn't use up processor space as bad I joined Spreaker, and all of what we do has been there ever since. With that said and with the FCC restructuring the resident license requirement, an Over the air broadcast radio station can be like a web based streaming station in that you don't need to base your operation as far as studio, in tiny remote head up the ass towns, or towns that have no or very little on air or visual talent resources either by agency or human. 
So back in December 2013, in the cold weather we pulled up the tie downs and moved to Ogden and eventually to that fancy studio in Woods Cross Utah. Where I got babied and spoiled. Here was web resources so deep and good that I could not believe it. 80mbps up 150 down, and nearing fiber optic to full gig horsepower. Now then there are people who will say that we folded there due to lack of funds, no we folded there because of a monkey faced bean counter that was in charge of renting us the office space never told us where our damn snail mail box was outside. As such we never knew how much we owed or to who each month, then there was the demand that I couldn't live no more in the office, had a place spotted then in Tooele, Utah. Could have moved there but was having issues with my mini truck so could put it together and run the station. 
I will say though I got to meet and work with some great people there, we were knocking down $10k easy a month and were on the edge of $200k a month. But saw a thing of a just went dark station in Evanston Wyoming . This peaked my interest, so went up. God must have meant for me to stay put, there, since he created a constant and steady snow storm. So I caved and moved there. Found a screwed up trailer out in the middle of no where, got some food help from some dork named Roger, which is how I met Rick, and the only good thing there? Meeting Rick and reconnecting with Nate. Then came news of another Rick I know who at the time was the Prezz of the Knytes, had just suffered a series of cardiac moments, so to be near him and for the sake of my Shelly I moved here to gonowhere do nothing western Idaho.
What makes me the maddest however is not that many never come back for an in studio thing, its the fact that they call, say they will be here, have me waiting and dangling on the line, but then no show. Not thinking that I might have other things to do, or to be out working my own company. No, they think its just funny. 
So to leave you with this thought since I need to feed, this darn near Miss Maxi Overdrive, couldn't afford gas both Wednesday and Thursday, to drift over here to do a second meet and greet. Friday(yesterday) she did show thought it was off to the races. Sends a PM on fb, saying she and her guy pal are moving to OKC, which is cool, except if they couldn't find, gas money to even go from Twin Falls here to Wendell and barely yesterday night, plus getting popped for no insurance on the way home, how the hell would she and him move cross country to OKC? The real deal, two guy pals one she's living with, the other not so much, and all got together and all thought Maximum Overdrive was a bit too much high octane, for her.
Come March , hello Utah, good buy Idaho.

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