Monday, December 4, 2017

Delays,delays, nothing but delays and frustrations. CenturyLink has 14 days to hook us up. And can I have a few hours with God?

It certainly was a Sunday, slept most of it since couldn't do my radio gig since grand and old and I mean old CenturyLink has yet to get the rest of the puzzle of the system needed here to render enough online Internet horsepower to putting HazzardAyre Radio and the rest of our offerings on online radio. 
It has became such that I am in personal contact with Raphael several times a week, and yet the entire project is waiting on a piece of fireproof plywood to mount some gizmo that is needed to make the connection possible. You'd think for the $500.00 or so a month for the next at minimum 10 years, would get CenturyLink to just buy the blooming Plywood, set up the system so I can begin to at least generating some money. Like I said before, and I'll say it again, for a company based on communications, they don't communicate well. I guess that CenturyLink isn't considering the fact that once my system boosting mbps bandwidth speed to a symetrical 20/20 , once up and humming, other smb's here will want to have the same thing. That simple logic means Raphael, and CenturyLink, gets new customers or even older ones willing to upgrade, and thus more money that CenturyLink makes. Hell we'll even put up a banner on our site saying something like ," This website made possible by CenturyLink. " Nope it keeps dragging on. Really thinking now it'd been better to have just paid Cable-One's bill then kicked that back in gear. If CenturyLink don't hurry up here, that's just what I'll have to do. 
I wonder has anyone else gone through this with CenturyLink for business? 
Okay then deadline is the 15th of the month here. If it ain't up and going by then, I most likely will not be on the cyber radio until March maybe May. Since it'll take that long to pay off the ridiculous $2,000.00 for Cable-One. 
Now with that said; was chatting with current President of the IKA, earlier, he said if he were setting operations up for both going towing and radio, he'd put it in, in or near Malad Idaho. Reasons, are that Malad while having a tow truck there really doesn't since what's there can't recover anything. As such on the Idaho side of the border, its a hour or better for a rig to be called out of Pocatello, or one from neighboring town of Tremonton Utah. As far as local radio there, since the station in Tremonton Utah went silent and dark almost 15 years ago, there is no radio locally in either town. Cyber or over the air. Guess where I'm going to be sniffing around for an HQ? 
Plus when Rick retires the Presidency of the Knytes next month, Jonny becomes President and he's in Layton Utah. Now Malad is only a 2 at the worst drive to Layton Utah. 
Was pretty windy here over night. No outtages here as far as electricity. CenturyLink was out for a few hours, but is now up and going albeit at a snails speed. Which is why I do much of anything online overnight. Since what bandwidth, and such I get from CenturyLink, is faster overnight since fewer people are tapped into the pipeline overnight. 
Didn't go to Church for very long today, since a few there gave me the stink eye, plus the reluctance to take on a pro radio guy to work their console, so I ditched Church at about 12:30 hours, and trucked myself over to Terri's house, since she has just lost and the rest of the WolfPack did too, one of our members to the same stuff I have, type2 Diabetes. Our member Bart was a LT. Colonel with over 2 million flying hours, 8 tours in the air, with the UCSMC, before us was part of the RCAF , Bart will be missed. So most of the day in between my domestic battles with Shelly, been doing some serious intimate counseling, Terri is really hurting. So then;
Came home, tried to swallow some microwave soup, while fighting with Shelly. I gave Shelly the lowdown though. It's either quit barking about me bedding all these so called honeys she thinks I am, which I ain't. Heck since my experience with Wings-of-Dove, in 2002 the only get down root around get at it mating I've done is maybe 3 trips to Miss Donna's Ranch in Wells Nevada, and that was long before I even knew Shelly.
Sure I work with countless women on a daily basis. Some I meet on the phone, or at vendors websites, like one from CenturyLink named Danielle. She's out of the Las Vegas office. The rest of my daily dealings with anything female, is either at the Depot Grill, getting something to eat, and chatting with staff there, like Sarah, or McKensi or Brandy, but I eat, pay the bill and leave. Although Sarah has a voice that if coached and all could be great on air. When it comes to others I know, like over at Anchors, they tease and flirt to get tips, I tease and flirt back, but to date never have even thought of taking one of them home. It don't matter what town we have been in, if its female, likes me, Shelly has a fit. Telling a new hire that your engaged, borders on sexual harassment , and since that Harvey Weinstein, thing and even before him there are just certain things that you don't talk about to a prospect new hire. As far as getting down and dirty again if she's working for the Knytes/WolfPack, she's an employee and you just don't do that. Female friends? Sure I have many like most of the hotties at Simerly's, all treat me with respect and all, but all of them are married and have children's . The list and all goes on, but I don't really care about that, my goals are simple, to get KTOW FM/ HazzardAyre Radio making the kinds of money it used to, getting, Dixie/ Highway Hooker Toewing back to going towing, so I have green in my jeans, and not always owing. Bottom end, Shelly has until April 1st to get her stuff together, or come May after I get back from NAB this year since I damn well am going, to that. But if Shelly is still pissing all the time and crawling up my butt, that's it forever, or if she does finally get her temper under control, and all come June there will be a Mayhem wedding. It's just that simple. 
Finally, and this relates. Very slowly getting through Alma in the Book-of-Mormon, its really interesting and should be read as a novel not just pick and all like many do. The battles, the insight and such its a good read. But I only ask for a few hours so I can read, pray, in my own way. Question is; Can I just have a few hours a day to be and visit with Heavenly Father? 
Guess you just need to love God and Jesus Christ, to understand, but my Shelly and others don't seem to, since they always find a reason to call, visit or show up here when I start getting into scripture reading. 
Any mile, need to catch some zz's , big day today.
TTYLY, Keep it wings level.

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