Friday, December 29, 2017

Colonels Journal Wolfdate 201712.29

The night is slowly shedding its darkness to early light. The erry crimson hue of a slight blue cancels out the previous day for a new dawn.
So many people and news outlets have been relating all that has happened through the previous year in anticipation for a new 12 months of possible improvement. As for me I'm just thankful that a really bad year is about done, and a new sun is about to rise. I went from a good run at prosperity in western Wyoming to near poverty in western Idaho. I went from a outstanding church ward with a really caring and informative Bishop, to one that I can't even attend, and having to go elsewhere because of being accused of something that I never did, on the heels of someone fearing my flag of Dixie. While the ideas and plans of relocation to areas that look promising, are on the forefront of my mind, I also remember me thinking that here in Western Idaho, was indeed the land of paradise. Which it has turned into something it isn't, and without serious divine intervention will never be.
Uncle Jessie Duke, among his many off the cheek sayings, said, " The field across the road is only greener until you have to mow it" Loosely translated the destination, may look rosy until you have to refine it. 
This past Christmas season, when I was facing  near financial and mental collapse, God above and maybe some nudging by my Mom & Dad, I discovered a old tax refund from the state of Utah. It wasn't all that big $1,100.00 but it was enough to push my butt up over a slight incline to saving my self from total oblivion. 
To which I need to roll this out.
Back in mid July through our numerous talent searches I had the honor to meet a young lady named Chandra. This young lady had fallen into the wrong crowd and was a servant of the Idaho department of correction. Although this young lady pretty much ignored me and the WolfPack, still she is in deep stuff. Understand when this young lady walked into the Mall, in Twin Falls, and said howdy, she had me at the first wink. The Lord would punish me and the WolfPack if we and I turned our back on her and just said, " Hey she ignored us let her suffer." But God didn't turn his back on me , nor will I turn my back on Chandra. The very second she sat down at that table and put her hand on mine she had me and the WolfPack wrapped around her tiny fingers. 
Just as Mark, never turned his back on me in Evanston, although he could have many times, he stuck with me. I treasure the love and friendship of my Bishop in Evanston, not only from the point of being my Bishop, but a true friend. As such I see someone with the right counseling, and teaching, can be just as independent as I have become. Although I'm very thankful that on 3 occassions here in Wendell the Ward here helped me on rent and some utility bills, to date, there has been no visits from the home teachers, or any of the local Bishopric. In Evanston, although sparse they still visited. 
My plans for the future in my next entry.
I'm really getting into reading my Book-of-Mormon. Although I have read it all the way through many times, for some strange odd reason , this time through. I'm retaining more of it. I just finished the Book of Alma. If you think the Book of Mormon is just some churchy preachy thing , think again. You find all kinds of military conflicts and conquests in there. I find that through it all to this point, to be akin, to our Confederate ancestors. Both fought a bloody war, to protect essentially the same thing, Family, Nation, and Faith. While Mark used to hammer me on my beliefs as far as the Confederacy, if you look at the Church and the Confederacy closely you find both are not so different. 
More Saturday Morning.

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