Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Both versions of biblical scriptures are to me, a bit stressing on mostly things dealing with carnal sin

In reading and contemplating scripture here, and doing much more of that, lately (maybe that's why God turned of my TV) but I'm finding that reading the Book Of Mormon much more interesting. Thing is there are lots of parts especially in Alma, of military battles. And very grusome ones, words like smiting and arms being cut off, you read (if you really read the book) you find slayings and serious missions of death. However there is the part where one of Alma's kin was romancing a harlot and caused tremendous contention among several clans. Lamanites, Nephites and more. Just because he wanted some serious intimate relations.
But you find much more of that in the Bible itself. The top of the list of the Ten Commandments, deal with human sexuality. Thou shalt not commit adultry, seconded by, Thou Shalt not Covet anothers property(in essence don't get a stiffy over a neighbors wife) Thou Shalt not commit fornication. Much of scripture has to deal with keeping your breeding needs under control. If you look at pictures of the garden, of when God asked how do you know you are naked? You see Adam standing there with an erection. Seems that from the time Eve fell into temptation and bit the fruit, if in fact it was fruit, (how do you grow apples in a desert? ) Or was it a fig? This has never been defined. But once the tree of knowledge had been invaded, boom, it became needed that all would be in deep manure. Which was what God wanted. My question there is, if it was God's plan that we as a species, screwed the pooch(military term of pilots who miss the catch wire on a aircraft carrier) then why was it a sin to discover the truth of the tree of knowledge? The two concepts seem to contrdict each other. Seems that improper sexual experiences are or is the main theme through out both the old testament as well as the new testament. God just kept telling most males to keep it in your pants. 
So with this theory, are we to just have boring , get on, stick it in , pull it out and roll off and go to sleep? Or is it sinning if we seriously enjoy a good time in bed with mucho foreplay and pleasing your lady , especially if its your wife or mate? Scripture is not too clear on that. 
Now that we have that ejaculated lets move on here.
Every day at least I do, get ridiculed about the admirations I have of very beautiful women. Especially my Shelly. To outsiders or superficially she may be as fugly as a wooden fence, but to me she is outstandingly beautiful. Because her beauty is not just on the surface but extends to her spirit. Which really belongs to God in the first place. Then there is the superficial. I really like the women in short skirts, daring women who will show what she has, but doing it tastefully. The ones who don't take time to be hot but controlled are just sluts. But even God and Jesus loved prostitutes. Jesus pardoned the sins of one that had been caught and convicted of prostitution. People were stoning her to Death, Jesus stopped them and said, " Let the first one of you who has not ever sinned cast the next stone" The list goes on, but the main thing God commanded, was Do unto others as you would have them do to you. If your desire is to be kind and considerate to others you will get that in return. If not from someone else, God will judge that person at the last day. Don't condemn someone for the same thing you did as well. If so you should repent. 
My Shelly doesn't read scripture of either book very much, but I'm trying to get her to do more of it. In fact that is the main thing she needs to do, to be married to me. She needs to have the lessons taught to her by Missionaries,(Still trying to find ones who live near us here in Wendell Idaho) Then she needs to be baptized and become a member of the Church of God here(the first name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) this way we can be married in the Idaho Falls LDS Temple. The reason I chose that one is, the extreme beauty of the LDS Idaho Falls Idaho Temple against a sunset, with the falls in front, takes your breath away. 
Any way study , it may surprise you what you discover in scripture. 

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