Friday, November 24, 2017

Why did this all happen? Because I was being kind.

If there is one thing among many I have learned residing here in Wendell since early June this year is that to live here you have to have a very thick skin, and not open yourself up and be friendly or kind. Nor extend any thing in friendship that could be taken for anything it is or was.
See it all happened this way. Last April, after Shelly and I took a time out, I was sitting at my air conditioned residence in Evanston Wyoming. Where upon I had just finished up a good radio show there and was sipping some new to me soda. So reading the Slime News I saw two ads one for a bar/apartment cafe in Richfield Idaho. Called on it, just about had it in my hands but delay in me getting funds together somebody else rented it. Next to it was a 3 bedroom house in Wendell. Hmm I thought for the same amount of money I was paying in Evanston I could get a whole house. So called Cable-One, more bandwidth for the station at what I was paying in Etown, so far so good, plus I thought since my Shelly didn't get along in Etown maybe she could in Wendell, plus with Wendell being close to Twin Falls she could get the mental health help she needed. So I drove over, dropped $200.00 for a deposit, and waited until the first of June to bust the move. 
If I had listened to my inner voice, I would have just ate the $200.00 and stayed in Etown. But with my OL, license due and some plates needed to be renewed I made the move. 
From June through late August things seemed to be going in the right direction. Part timing with A1, building the station, some fresh talent for the radio gig and promo model stuff for same. I even eventually went back to church. At least the Church I was born into.
Now I had heard from many in Etown that the members of the Church in Wyoming and the ones in Utah/Idaho were different critters although the same species, there was a real difference in both attitude and mind sets. But I figured, Mormons are Mormons. 
So went back to church. 
Now out back of the house here the guy who owns the place had hauled in a bunch of big rock gravel. Couldn't get LiL Wolf in hardly at all, and the General caught a bunch of damage due to that gravel. So I mentioned it at Church, if somebody had a skidster or something to thin that down a bit. Next door neighbors said they needed it so, I said have at it. Mistake number one, was getting to chummy with the neighbors.
Small rural towns used to be real neighborly and friendly, you could leave your doors unlocked, and just simply wave at your fellow townspeople as they drove by. 
What I have found is the town here, has become a fully totally bunch of badgers that don't want anyone new or formerly lived here people to move in. The attitude is, eat at the Subway, fill your car or ride up at the Maverick, buy your smokes/chew at Simerly's , then get the hell out. Stay on the Interstate. Unless your willing to kiss some serious butt, and or suck serious penius, don't even think or consider moving here. 
But see I ignored the warning signs from Heavenly Father that moving here was a really bad idea. One of the first runs moving here, the old General got high centered on a Snyder baby platform. Now for those who don't know what a Snyder Baby is, they are those orange poles put out to detour traffic in construction zones. They got their name from the company that used to abuse them most Snyder Transport, as Snyder's trucks are or were orange/white in color.
So the General was injured, fixed it in Burley, but if I had been smart I should have just turned around, again, ate the deposit money and went back to Evanston. 
Then came the run up here from Evanston to Wendell in LiL Wolf. Up until I got to Burley all was good, the further I came west, LiL Wolf did not want to run right. Again should have turned around right there. 
But hey I was on my way home to near where Hazzard started at least for me.
The next warning was that I had to sign a long lease. Seems others moved in here , got snubbed by the neighbors and moved out. Since I couldn't break a lease without paying it all, and with the General injured couldn't move. But I damn well was going to try.
So by October, I had bought Silver, and with that figured if I didn't pay the rent, I'd get the boot, and much of this disaster would be over. But the first place I applied for was rejected, so at the last minute had to tuck my tail and step on my pride and ask the Church for help on rent. They did. Figured I'd be out on November 1st, nope. While I had a place and all there was some moral and ethical things that said lets stay put build the station, after the holidays go get LexiBelle and be back towing as well as doing radio. 
But then and thankful a few things came together, have a place for the radio gig and me a place for a time, to sleep and shower. Now I had every intention of staying put, except the mice started to invade. I mean everywhere. As soon as you plugged one hole they'd come out another. Monday night it was so bad with mice smells and the grimy grease they leave, I could breathe. So Doug one of the Knytes members said we're taking you to the hospital. After they pumped my lung back up and gave me some antibiotics I came home. But I had, had enough. Made a call to Envi Lawn and Pest. and they came over and figured okay that's done. So then two nights ago, went to a nice pre-Thanksgiving dinner at the River Fellowship, (read my other private blog for details) and it was nice. Good time, good food, I felt really at peace. 
Now I have no idea who started it up again, nor who is saying the truth, but got awakened Thursday , yep Thanksgiving Day with the grand old Sheriff and crew banging on my door. After I struggled to get out of bed, get dressed and all, I greet them with the question of what's up? The response was, where is Shelly? I replied in Florida as far as I know, why is she injured? The cops respond, we got a report she was in my bathroom locked up. I invited Shaun the Sheriff to come in and look, he declined. He said she called them from here. I said really? After checking they found that I was truthing, and as such left that alone. So I call Shelly, Shelly says she got a text and a video from one of the neighbors saying they were going to come over and shoot me with a shotgun. Really? Please do, it'd put me out of my misery and I could be in peace. Heck I'm ready to exit this mortal life. So with all that over and such, and peace made, I made the decision, that even with all that is on the horizon, that its just better for me to move in with a friend in southwest Twin Falls County, put the radio gig in 3 places, Buhl, Burley and a smaller station in Gooding. As for me I ain't no longer a resident of Wendell Idaho. 
Which begs the questions, who have these people pushed out before? Two; who will they pick on after I leave, and what will the next person have to endure that will move in here? 
The sad part of it is this, I was kind, considerate, never played the station loud at night, and this all started when I asked the neighbors if I could barrow their lawnmower. 
More on the show later on.

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