Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Well Dog my cat , now don't this just beat all? City of Wendell Idaho turns off water on a Disabled Veteran, can't wait one day to get paid on the 1st , of the Month in the morning

Well Dog my Cat, Now don't this just beat all? The grand city of Wendell, Idaho; just could not wait one dang day to get paid for an $80.00 water bill. Okay end of the month, hate to explain it to them, but military pensions only come but once a month. The first day of the month, not the middle or end of the month. With only a day shy, to where I could pay the blooming thing, by morning on the 1st, my water get's turned off. Really? A disabled Marine combat pilot, get his water turned off. Meaning no way to go to the rest room, bathe or prepare food. 
So was calling all over the area, to get a bit of assistance, which I hate doing. My lady Shelly has been working to shoot out money to me all day, but Amscot gave her the run around. Saying SSI payments were late due to the hurricane. Really? The first set of SSI payments got in okay. 
So figuring on hitting the city hall , at 1:45PM but caught a tow call. So couldn't get to them on time. Come back to wash up, no water. And this is the way Wendell City, treats its military Vets? Needless to say, this WILL be brought up at the next city council. 
Now to some this might be a slight inconvienience to me it meant no toilet. To a diabetic not being able to eat causes iregularities in sugar or A1C Glucose levels. Why can't I eat? Because I might need to unload my bowels, and no toilet meant couldn't go to the latrine. All because some older lady having a midlife power trip, decides along with a city government that waiting one dang day until I got my military pension, in my bank account to go pay the frigging water bill. Is this the way a partly home town treats a home town military combat pilot veteran? 
Thank God for my Church Ward who happened to help take care of the problem, but still they couldn't get to me by end of the business day Tuesday. All because some city policy . There needs to be a change. 
In my case its the start of removing myself from a situation condition that I should never have gotten into in the first place. 

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